SoapDocumentMethod and oneway=true


Jesse Houwing

Hello all,

I was wondering... If you look in the documentation and on the web to
find any info on long running webservice calls, they all come down to:

Add the SoapDocumentMethod Attribute to your webmethod and set it's
OneWay property to true.

Nowhere I can find though what will happen in any of the following

- The ASP.NET worker process hasn't had any requests for some time and
is being shut down. Will the runtime see that a oneway call is still
being handled?
- You have x number of oneway calls being handled, will I run out of
worker threads? Will subsequent calls fail, will the workerprocess reset
- Config changes and/or webserver resets. Will the thread be stopped
nicely, or just yanked from memory.
- What happens if the thread gets really busy and takes 40 minutes (or 3
hours for that matter) of processing time, will the worker process reset

I need a few guarantees the thread will get time to finish. I also need
some guarantees the rest of the webserver will continue to work without
too many issues if I start processing long running tasks.

Any answers are greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Jesse Houwing


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