Some python questions (building cgi website)

Discussion in 'Python' started by paul h, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. paul h

    paul h Guest

    hi there,
    i'm learning to use python for cgi, and i've hit a few road blocks.
    basically, i need to know how to achieve the following things using
    python, on linux.
    create a new directory, and sub-directory.
    so if the user inputs "HELLO", i can create a dir called HELLO, and
    then some other dirs in there.

    i also need to know how i can write various things into a file.
    the following doesnt seem to work for me:
    file.write("TEXT HERE")
    how can i write plain text into a file?

    any help with these questions would be great!
    paul h, Nov 6, 2003
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  2. Assuming that:
    1. your process's current directory is the one you want to
    have as the parent of 'HELLO';
    2. your process is running as a user that has permission to
    write in its current directory;
    3. there is no subdirectory named 'HELLO' in the current
    4. some variable, say X, refers to the string which in this
    case happens to be 'HELLO';


    import os

    will make that 'HELLO' subdirectory, and then, e.g.:

    os.mkdir(X + '/foop')

    will create a subdirectory foop of that HELLO subdirectory.

    All these points, especially 1-2, cannot be taken for granted
    since your process is running as a CGI script; you must ensure
    by administrative means that your process is running as the user
    you desire (Python or any other language is powerless to help
    you there!) and either administratively or programmatically
    ensure the current directory is the one you want (or that you
    know the full path to prepend to X) -- the latter may not be
    trivial if chroot is in play, as it should be in most well-run
    network servers, for security reasons.

    You need to OPEN a file for writing first:

    x = file('thefile.txt', 'w')

    and THEN you can call x.write("TEST HERE") to write some string
    (in this case, one without a terminating newline). file.write
    is an unbound method of built-in type file and, called as you
    mean to, would have no possible idea on WHAT file to write on!!!

    Alex Martelli, Nov 6, 2003
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  3. paul h

    Matt Goodall Guest

    See os.mkdir() or os.makedirs().

    Please be *very* careful letting users access the file system in this
    way. Consider the situation where the user enters "/HELLO",
    "../../HELLO" etc - they could do all sorts of damage! You should
    probably restrict directory creation to a certain area of the file
    system. os.path.normpath() can be useful in working out what the user's
    input really means.
    Unless you have created an object reference called file then file is
    actually a builtin for *opening* a file, or rather for creating a file

    This is probably what you want:

    file('thefile.txt','wt').write('TEXT HERE')

    or better still

    f = file('thefile.txt','wt')
    f.write('TEXT HERE')
    if f:

    which will ensure the file is closed correctly.

    Cheers, Matt
    Matt Goodall, Nov 6, 2003
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