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Discussion in 'C Programming' started by a, Nov 22, 2007.

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    Dear all,

    I have found quick sort codes and modified them to sort an array of
    structure. Because I have many such rows to be sort, the input is indeed
    array of "array of structure".

    I have been confused with the *, [], **, &, and so. Could anybody help me
    about what should be changed in order to get the sorting done?

    In abc.h

    struct tagged_array {
    int oldtag[SIZE];
    int newtag[SIZE];
    float value[SIZE];
    int oldtag;
    int newtag;
    float value;

    void qs_struct(struct tagged_array items[], int, int);
    void quick_struct(struct tagged_array items[], int);

    In sort.c:

    void qs_struct(struct tagged_array items[], int left, int right)

    register int i, j;
    float x;
    struct tagged_array temp;

    i = left; j = right;
    x = items[(left+right)/2].value;

    do {
    while( (items.value < x) && (i < right)) i++;
    while( (items[j].value > x) && (j > left)) j--;
    if(i <= j) {
    temp = items;
    items = items[j];
    items[j] = temp;
    i++; j--;
    } while(i <= j);

    if(left < j) qs_struct(items, left, j);
    if(i < right) qs_struct(items, i, right);

    void quick_struct(struct tagged_array items[], int count)

    In main.c:

    struct tagged_array dist[SIZE][SIZE];

    quick_struct(dist, SIZE);
    //quick_struct(dist[SIZE], SIZE);

    a, Nov 22, 2007
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