Strongly typed resources and external assembly resx files in web a



I'm trying to figure out if it's possible in VS2005 to get strongly typed
resources using an external assembly that contains string resx files. Here
are some bullets on what I'm trying to do:

* I want to manage common strings in a resx file that is in a separate
project from my web application.
* I want to be able to use strongly type names in the web app to refer to
the external resx file values
* I want to be able to update the data in the resx and not have to
recompile the web app

I think it's possible because I see posts on using resgen with /publicClass
to generate the class file. But I think I am not including the resource DLL
in my web app correctly. It seems like if you include any external resource
assembly the code always thinks it's for language support and expects it to
be with your global resources.

I've tried just making a reference to the class file project that has my
resx file, and I've trield using resgen, and al.exe to make a DLL that I load
in the /bin manually, and I've tried making a reference to the DLL created by

I think this is easier or possible in VS2008 but we are still on VS2005.


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