using javax.print api

Discussion in 'Java' started by sreekanth, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. sreekanth

    sreekanth Guest

    Hi all,
    i am trying to get a .PS file from a html file.
    I have gone through the javax.print api.I also tested the example given

    for converting gif image to ps file.

    But i am unable to convert a html file or simple text file to PS file.

    If any have previously done this please help me on this.

    Please tell me how to get the StreamPrintServiceFactory.

    Thank you all,
    Sreekanth m
    sreekanth, Jan 9, 2006
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  2. sreekanth

    Roedy Green Guest

    Roedy Green, Jan 9, 2006
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  3. sreekanth

    sreekanth Guest

    HI ppl,
    i am very sorry my questions was posted several times.Actually when i
    am posting this ,i went through series of Server failure error
    messages.So i repeatedly tried to post this message.
    Any way i am sorry for the inconvenience made
    Sreekanth m
    sreekanth, Jan 10, 2006
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