Using Same Datagrid for Different Data


Jim Mitchell

I am able to use the same datagrid to show two different sets of data.
These seemed efficient to me.

But what if I want the first column to be a "Select Button" for one set of
data. For the second set of data I want only column 3 to be a "Select
Button". In other words, I want the user to be able to pick an item from
column 1 to view the bound text boxes in view 1 and I want the user to click
on column 3 to view the data for bound textboxes in my alternate view.

Can I set whether a colum is just data or used to select the row at run

Thanks in advance.


Select Case page_name

Case "Contacts"

sql_string = "Select Contact, Phone from tblContacts where
CompanyID=" & txtID.Text

Case "Opportunities"

sql_string = "Select OppName, OppValue, Probability from tblOpps
where ID<200"

End Select

daAccountPages = New SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter(sql_string, Me.SqlConnection1)


dgAccountPages.DataSource = dsAccountPages



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