WCF: Stop VS2008 generating message contracts


James Holak

Suddenly, Visual Studio 2008 decided to start generating the Message
Contracts for my WCF Services. I was using a shared Contract Assembly for
the data contracts and request/response messages. I had a proper service
reference in my Windows Forms application that communicated using the shared
assembly objects with the web site hosted in IIS 7 on Vista.

I changed the Security Mode from "Transport" to
"TransportWithMessageCredential" because I want my services protect by SSL
and my Membership/Roles provider. When I told VS to update the service
reference, it changed the calls from using the shared assembly into the
automatically generated message contracts (Request/Response) generated by VS
within the Reference.cs file in the given service reference directory.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to stop visual studio from using
the generated classes and go back to using the shared project's classes? I
chose to enable "Always generate message contracts" on a previous service to
see what it did, but I could never undo that action. Then I decided to
create a new service, a new client reference and that would let me use the
shared objects. However, now I'm back to the beginning with it generating
unwanted objects. I can change the file by hand and it might work, but I
don't want to have to do that each time I change the surface of the service.



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