Web Service Dilemma



I have a solution which has multiple projects. One of the projects is a web
service. Another project is a web application. The web application needs to
reference the web service. The web application has not had a problem with
referencing the exposed web methods and classes in the web service.

Prior to today the name spaces and project names in each have been changed a
bit for organization sake, this also includes changing of names of the output
assemblies. In the process a class was ripped out of the web service and put
into a class library project that the web service will reference as well as
the web application since the will both share said class.

Now my problem. When I upate the web reference in the web application there
is NO change to the classes and name spaces. The class that I ripped out of
the web service STILL remains when referenced in the web application.

I have done everything I can think of. I have verified that the web service
is being rebuilt and the new dll has the correct assembly name. In the class
viewer it reflects my changes within the web service.

I even added a new web method and that DOES get picked up by the web
application in addition to the ripped out class REMAINING in there. <sigh>

The WSDL file that gets maded after I have deleted web references in the web
application and then re-establish the web reference still has information
about the class that I ripped out as though I never took it out.

I am about to pull my hair out. What in the world am I doing wrong???



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