Web Services Problem



Hi all,
I'm trying to get a program running on my pc, it is deployed on our server
and is fully running. Now we need to make changes and to add some features
on it, so I need it to make it run on my dev. machine. So sql server is on
my machine, wsdl is on my machine too.
I use Visual Studio 2008 + SQL2005 Server. This program uses web services
that are defined in a separate namespace. There is no problem with access to
sql server, the only problem is that when it tries to get webmethods it
raises error 404 "Not found". I'm new to web services and would like to know
how and what should I configure in my machine to make be able to debug it.
The change I made withing the code is to change links to localhost:57882
from the real namespace. What else should be done? Maybe I need to also
configure iis on my machine?

Thank you.



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