WebClientProtocol properties


Wes Montgomery

I have a .net application (non web app) which as developed using .NET 1.1
and runs on framework v1.1.4322. The applications web proxy class
communicates to the database (Oracle or SQL) via a web service hosted in
IIS. A fairly straight forward architecture, you might say. Here's the
issue. When portions of the application execute an SQL statement which takes
awhile, I get a System.Net.WebException - Message: "The operation has
timed-out." I know this is coming from my web proxy. I've actually issued
the same err SQL statement directly from an exposed web service method and
got back the XML data. Nothing I've researched seemed to resolve the issue
except setting the web proxies timeout property either to a fixed interval
or to infinite in code. My questions:

1. Are there any known issues when setting the web proxies timeout
property in this manner? Such as performance to users of the application and
other sites hosted by IIS? Network issues etc.

2. Are there any other solutions to resolve such an issue? I've tried
several .config setting in both the web service, IIS and in the applications
..config files but to no avail.

3. Are there any methods that can be employed to comunicate with a web
service once the web proxy object has timed out, is there a call that can be
made to restore comunication with the we service and continue with the
currently running process?

Currently we don't have the luxury of changing much of the functionality of
the application such as the way the web proxy communicates with IIS. I'm
hoping someone has ideas and or resources I can consult to help resolve this
issue. IF there are further details needed to help resolve this issue,
please contact me.

Many Thanks.

Wes Montgomery


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