working with dynamically generated PDF with Win Mobile browser


David C


I have a page that dynamically generates a PDF file using

The code that does it looks like this.

m_stream.Position = 0; //this is memory stream
Response.ContentType = "application/pdf";

Of course this is only a part of the code, but the point is, I am
using the Response object to make this happen.

This works beautifully with the desktop browser. The Acrobat reader
launches, and I see the PDF file inside the browser. But not so with
Win Mobile 6.0 IE.

* The PDFViewer does not launch

* It asks me if I want to save

* So I say yes. It saves with the .ASPX extension!

* And it does not let me change the extension. I am stuck with the
ASPX extension, and there is no tool in WinMobile 6.0 that I know of
that would allow me to do that.

Thanks in advance.


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