XmlSerialization Problem




I'm working web application that expect to pass an class object to DLL(Class
Lib) I just Attached the DLL File into Web Solution ( DLL is located in other
machine), inside the class library I'm calling a webservice function with the
parameter object class , but I just knew that the parameter should be
serializable , so I build class with two functions serialize/derserialize .
in the DLL I did serialize and pass string to the webmethod in webservice
and there a deserialize it and do the rest of work .
the problem I have when serialize the object inside the Component (which is
in other solution) the serialized representation differs and return with
errors than I serialized the object in same web application solution, what
could cause that?

My Serialiazation /Derserialization funcitons:

public string SerializeObject(object oClassObject,System.Type oClassType)
XmlSerializer oSerializer = new XmlSerializer(oClassType);

System.Text.StringBuilder strBuilder = new System.Text.StringBuilder();
System.IO.TextWriter writer = new System.IO.StringWriter(strBuilder);
return strBuilder.ToString();


public object DeSerializeObject(string ObjectString,System.Type oClassType)
XmlSerializer oSerializer = new XmlSerializer(oClassType);
System.IO.TextReader reader = new System.IO.StringReader ObjectString);
XmlReader xmlReader = new XmlTextReader(reader);
return oSerializer.Deserialize(xmlReader);

inside my webapplication
Note : MessageClass in Class Library DLL ( All DLL and WebService are in
standalone machine) and web application in other machine.)
public void PutMessageInQueue(MessageClass oMessage)


inside my class library that calls the webservice method
public void PutInQueue(MessageClass Msg)

string strSerializedObject = string.Empty;

EW_message.Utility.ObjectHandler oObjectHandler = new
strSerializedObject =

//here i called the webservice method


WebService Method

public void PutInQueue(string strMsg)
EW_message.Utility.ObjectHandler oObjectHandler =
new EW_message.Utility.ObjectHandler();
MessageClass Msg = (MessageClass)
Random rd=new Random ();
string filename= QueuePath + User + "-" + rd.Next (1,100) +
StreamWriter QWrite =new StreamWriter(filename);
QWrite.Write (Msg.Message);
QWrite.Close ();
File.Move (filename,filename+".msg");


the exception generated inside the DLL before calling the webmethod.
and as I said I copy the serialize/deserialize inside the web application
and everything worked perfectly but when pass it to the dll exception
occured while serializing object.

any Ideas.


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