Yellowfin launches its Business Intelligence application for theiPhone



Yellowfin – the leader in embedded Business Intelligence, today
announced the immediate availability of its iPhone BI application for
it the ISV community - Yellowfin for the iPhone.

The Yellowfin iPhone app provides Independent Software Vendors with
the ability to increase the level of reporting sophistication that
they offer their clients. As demand for embedded BI continues to grow
vendors need to deliver new and improved reporting capability that
allows their clients to access their data they way they want to.
Yellowfin continues to deliver this capability to the market.

Unlike the majority of BI applications for the iPhone, which simply
use the browser as a delivery mechanism, Yellowfin for the iPhone is a
native application, which makes full use of the iPhone’s functionality
to deliver Yellowfin’s renowned industry leading, ease of use and
analytic capabilities. “What’s different about the Yellowfin
application compared to other BI apps is that we understand that the
Business intelligence needs of a Mobile worker are different from that
of an analyst sitting at their PC.” says Yellowfin CEO, Glen Rabie,
“They are not using their phone with its tiny screen to do advanced
analytics, rather they want instant access to data without the fuss.
This is why we have completely redesigned the user interface and
navigation to meet the needs of the Mobile worker.”

The benefits of Yellowfin Mobile BI to its ISV and OEM partners are:
1. Rebranding As an OEM or ISV partner Yellowfin for the iPhone can
be used to extend the report delivery capability of your application.
2. Free Download Just like Yellowfin’s development licenses there is
no additional cost to you or clients from using the iPhone app.
3. Increased Competitive Advantage – Provide a level of reporting that
will delight your customers. Stay ahead of the competition with

“As business people begin to use mobile phones and laptops almost
interchangeably, and as those phones become capable of displaying rich
Web content, mobile workers are seeking more extensive access to
corporate data”, says Glen Rabie. “Yellowfin for iPhone connects them
to the information they need - wherever they are, whenever they need
it. They can view, analyse, interact with, and share information -
then make important decisions on-the-go.”

The Yellowfin application for the iPhone addresses the concerns and
requirements of Software Vendors by reducing the cost of delivery and
support, for example it is:

* Fast to deploy – no rework. Users reuse existing report content,
simply logging into their existing ISV installed account. With
Yellowfin you do not have to re-create content for the mobile platform
or repackage it for mobile distribution. This allows customers to
gain the benefits of Mobile BI immediately.
* Secure – reuse of all of the Yellowfin security infrastructure means
that security is assured. No data is stored on the phone so the loss
of the phone does not enable unauthorized access to your data.
* Easy to use – intuitive navigation and quick access to favourite’s
means that users need no extra training to use the application.

Yellowfin has been offering integrated reporting and analysis software
to its ISV and OEM partners worldwide. "Many of our customers have
thousands of people that use their applications both inside and
outside of their organisations that rely on Yellowfin reports and
dashboards to provide timely business information," said Rabie. "We
are delighted to offer interactive reporting and analytics on the
iPhone to help enhance the competitive advantage of our partners."

Yellowfin recently launched version 4.1 of its BI Suite and a generic
mobile interface that provides full- featured delivery of both
dashboards and reports to a mobile workforce. The iPhone module
released today is available for free from iTunes.

About Yellowfin
Yellowfin is passionate about making Business Intelligence easy.
Recently recognised among 25 rising companies that CIO’s must know
about, Yellowfin is a leading web-based BI solution that can be easily
integrated into any third-party application or delivered as a stand-
alone enterprise platform. Yellowfin is an innovative and flexible
solution for reporting and analytics, providing a full range of data
access, presentation and information delivery capabilities.

Click on the following link to watch the demo video showcasing
Yellowfin on the iPhone




JTP said:
Yellowstream – the leader in embedded Business Stupidity, today
announced the immediate availability of its iPhone BS application for
it the PISSV community - Yellowstream for the iPhone.

Watch out where those huskies go,
and don't you eat that yellow snow!
(Frank Zappa)

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