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Discussion in 'ASP General' started by YellowFin, Jul 21, 2005.

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    Information collaboration and reporting tool

    Drag and Drop Report Builder
    Simple to Deploy and Administer
    Enterprise Level Web Based Reporting

    YellowFin is offering microsoft.public.inetserver.asp.general members a
    15% discount on standard license costs.


    Glen Rabie

    What's holding back business intelligence solution adoption?

    A recent survey by InfoWorld was conducted to examine the factors
    driving -- and limiting -- the adoption of business Intelligence
    software. It found that the main factors holding back the growth of BI
    is the high cost associated with the purchase and implementation of
    tools and the lack of an intuitive interface for target users.

    "Some 49 percent of respondents said budget constraints limit their
    ability to roll out BI; another 40 percent worry about the time
    required to implement a BI project." In addition "more than a
    third said the user Interface of their current BI solution is not
    appropriate for all potential users."

    Business users are swamped with data that exists in functional silos.
    They need simple to use tools that allow them to collaborate with one
    another to make better business decisions. Like Microsoft's Word
    many BI tools tend to be over engineered, full of features that clients
    must pay for but that they are very unlikely to use.

    "The problem with current vendors is the high cost and technical user
    focus of their solutions", says i4 CEO Glen Rabie. "They have
    missed the point. Business intelligence is not about technology per se
    - it should be about providing business people with tools that remove
    the barriers to their data, yet existing products do not support this
    sort of collaboration.
    In identifying this gap in the market, i4 have developed their web
    based Information Collaboration solution, Yellowfin. "Having decades
    of experience in this space we witnesses first hand customer
    frustrations with the tools available, and we decided to act.
    Yellowfin meets three simple criteria. It is:

    Easy to Use
    Simple to Deploy

    It is a breakthrough product in the Business Intelligence market. Sam
    Sofianos of Corrs Chambers Westgarth agrees, "The deployment of
    Yellowfin has been an unprecedented success both in terms of rapid
    implementation and user adoption. This tool is perfectly aligned with
    business user needs and our information delivery strategy."
    YellowFin, Jul 21, 2005
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