You have seen me talking about C and C++




You have seen me talking about C and C++ , and i think
that C and C++ are an elitist tool, they were designed
with the same spirit as Unixes, and this spirit is
making the things difficult so that only the elites can
use effectivly C and C++ and Unixes... so you have to understand
me dear programmers, i am a leftist and i am a socialist and i think
that the most important improvement that brings socialism is that it
tries to miminize at best social darwinism, this is why i have tried to
minimize social darwinism by avoiding those complicated and difficult
tools such as C and C++ and Unixes, and this is why i have decided
to defend Object Pascal, cause i think that Object Pascal is a kind
of a socialist tool that easy the things for programmer,
so it is in accordance with my philosophy of "intelligent easiness"..

C and C++ are wild beasts that hurts the weaker human among us,
those C and C++ wild beasts can be powerful, but even though they
can be powerful they hurts the weaker humans among us that finds C and
C++ too difficult and too complex, so since C and C++ are complex and
difficult they will likely create something like a darwinian filter who
don't let the weaker humans among us humans to cross or to climb the
social ladder, and we call that social darwinism, so the complexity and
difficulty of C and C++ language do participate to social darwinism, and
this is bad i think.

Hope you have understood my final words about C and C++

Thank you,
Amine Moulay Ramdane.



Wouter van Ooijen

Hope you have understood my final words about C and C++

Could you please keep them *final*?



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