5-Language Cheat Sheet

Discussion in 'C++' started by Martin Rinehart, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. I'm preparing a cheat sheet for, alphabetically, C++, Java,
    JavaScript, Python and Ruby. I'm reasonably good with the last four
    (which means really good with none of them). Save for a "Hello,
    World!" over the weekend, C++ has not been part of my life since 1995.

    a) where is the official doc?

    b) where should I put the cheat sheet? (So far I've got comments,
    reserved words, fundamental data types and identifiers.) Would a blog
    be of interest?

    c) is this a good place to discuss this, or is there a better C++

    Thanks for your help. (And please, if you don't see that each of these
    five has something to be said for it, I really don't want to hear from
    Martin Rinehart, Jul 19, 2010
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  2. Jonathan Lee

    Jonathan Lee Guest

    On Jul 19, 10:46 am, Christian Hackl <> wrote:
    > Martin Rinehart ha scritto:
    > > a) where is the official doc?

    > The official doc is the ISO standard. Beware, for it is not free, you
    > actually have to buy it.

    I thought the drafts were free... The last 2003 draft was called
    n1316, but it seems to be password protected on the ISO website.
    So maybe I'm wrong.

    There's also a version, n1905, which you can download (just
    google n1905). Not sure what the exact differences are.
    But I wonder now if it's supposed to be distributed, or if
    it's an oversight. Anyone (coughPeteBeckercough) know?

    A draft of the upcoming standard, however, _is_ available from
    Bjarne's page


    Look for the link "final committee draft standard"

    Jonathan Lee, Jul 19, 2010
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  3. * Christian Hackl, on 19.07.2010 16:46:
    > Frankly, I
    > would not read a blog about C++, because this newsgroup completely
    > satisfies my daily need for interesting C++ discussions on a highly
    > professional level.

    Hm, I think e.g. this blog is pretty interesting:

    "Word Aligned" -- Thomas Guest
    <url: http://wordaligned.org/>

    As well as the blogs referenced from my blog's blog roll call (just haphazardly
    collected from visits/comments/discovery):

    "Recording a programmer's thoughts" -- Alan Ning
    <url: http://askldjd.wordpress.com/>

    "C++ on a Friday" -- Anders Schau Knatten
    <url: http://blog.knatten.org/>

    "C++ Next" -- Dave Abrahams and Doug Gregor
    <url: http://cpp-next.com/about/>

    "Geektalk" -- Olve Maudal
    <url: http://olvemaudal.wordpress.com/>

    "Gennaro Prota's blog" -- Gennaro Prota
    <url: http://gennaroprota.wordpress.com/>

    "Sutter's Mill" -- Herb Sutter
    <url: http://herbsutter.wordpress.com/>


    - Alf

    blog at <url: http://alfps.wordpress.com>
    Alf P. Steinbach /Usenet, Jul 19, 2010
  4. Thanks all.

    Is there a good alternative to the ISO standard?
    Martin Rinehart, Jul 21, 2010
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