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    XTech 2006, 17-19 May, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Ajax lightning demos line-up
    The provisional line-up for the Ajax lightning demos is now available.
    These will be rapid-fire 5-10 minute demos of some project or aspect of
    Ajax technology, chaired by Simon Willison of Yahoo!

    The lightning demos will round off the Ajax Developers' Day at XTech
    2006. There's still the possibility of including your demo in this
    session, contact Edd Dumbill for more details.

    BBC Programme Catalogue launches: hear about how it was made at XTech
    The BBC Programme Catalogue is a phenomenal resource. It contains
    details of nearly a million TV and radio programmes, going back over 75
    years, and nearly 1.2 million contributors to those programmes. It's
    being added to daily by the BBC's dedicated team of archivists.

    The web version of the catalogue was launched recently as an
    experimental prototype by the BBC, a remarkable example of the sort of
    action covered by XTech's open data track.

    We're happy to announce that the two masterminds behind the work on the
    catalogue will be presenting at XTech 2006.

    Tom Loosemore, a senior manager at BBC New Media and the driving force
    behind getting the catalogue out onto the open web, will be speaking on
    Treating Digital Broadcast As Just Another API, and other such

    Matt Biddulph, who created the software that brings the archive to the
    web, will be describing the work involved in its creation in Putting
    the BBC's Programme Catalogue on Rails. Matt, a member of the XTech
    2006 programme committee, will also be co-presenting the Getting
    Started with Ruby on Rails tutorial.

    XTech 2006 schedule update
    Several exciting new speakers and presentations have been confirmed for
    XTech 2006.

    Web 2.0 on Speed -- Mark Nottingham, Yahoo! Inc
    14:00 Wednesday May 17, Core Technology track

    Web caching hasn't significantly changed in years, and many believe
    it's a casualty of a more dynamic, real-time "Web 2.0". That doesn't
    have to be the case. This session shows what's possible right now, and
    examines the future of HTTP caching.

    The power of declarative thinking -- Steven Pemberton, W3C
    16:45 Wednesday May 17, Open Data track

    Discussing the requirements for Web Applications, and the underpinnings
    necessary to make Web Applications follow in the same spirit that
    engendered the Web in the first place.

    Going Horizontal: Comparing Open Data Vocabularies Across Domains --
    Marc de Graauw
    14:00 Thursday May 18, Open Data track

    XML-based open standard vocabularies are rapidly developing in - not
    across - many vertical domains. Where is the common ground, and what
    can be gained by standardization? What works and what doesn't in
    building vocabularies?

    Embedded RDF -- Ian Davis, Talis Information Ltd
    09:00 Friday May 19, Open Data track

    Embedded RDF is a pattern for enriching content by interweaving
    existing XHTML markup with RDF. The method used requires no new markup
    so the XHTML can still be validated, is fully CSS compliant and will
    not affect browser behaviour.

    Register today for XTech 2006!
    melledge, May 3, 2006
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