ANN: qxmail-0.0.1

Discussion in 'Python' started by Quinn Dunkan, May 19, 2004.

  1. Quinn Dunkan

    Quinn Dunkan Guest

    This is the announcement for the first release of qxmail. It's ready for
    experimentation and personal use, but since it hasn't been banged on by
    thousands yet maybe not on an important server. There are also a few modules
    which may be of more general use, see below.

    From the ANNOUNCEMENT file:

    This is the 0.0.1 version of qxmail. 'qxmail' is not intended to be the
    final name, so if someone can think of something better...

    This is a webmail program, written in Python and based on the Quixote
    framework. It is intended to be simple and fast. It uses IMAP for
    communication with a mail server, handles complex MIME messages, safely
    displays (but does not send) HTML mail, caches folders and messages locally,
    and has a powerful address book / alias feature. Users can use normal
    browser bookmarks to bookmark folders and messages. It requires no
    modification to your webserver and should run with any webserver that does cgi
    (though non-apache servers are untested), but performance will be better if
    you use Apache's mod_scgi.

    Currently, it does *not* use secure IMAP logins, so you shouldn't use it to
    connect to remote IMAP mailboxes as yet. The machinery is already there, so
    it shouldn't be hard to add, but I have no running examples. Anyone
    interested in this should contact me.

    There are also a few modules which may have interest outside of this app (if
    there is interest, I can package them seperately):

    '' is an HTML cleaner which aims to filter arbitrary HTML to make
    it displayable in a web page. It removes javascript, modifies global tags
    like <title>, can optionally replace images with links, and modifies embedded
    path names. See the clean_html.filter docstring for details, and
    ui.mailbox.filter_html for an example of use.

    The 'imap' package provides high-level access to an IMAP mailbox. It presents
    a mailbox/folder/message hierarchy, and all elements are loaded from the
    server lazily. It will automatically try to resume broken connections.
    An example of usage:

    import imap.imap
    con = imap.imap.Imap('login', 'passwd', host='')
    print # all folders
    print['INBOX'] # msgs in inbox
    for msg in['INBOX'].values():
    # each msg looks like an email.Message.Message, but its parts are
    # fetched lazily
    print msg['subject']
    msg =['pictures'].values()[-1]
    open('huge.gif', 'w').write(msg.get_payload()[1].get_payload())

    It uses not the standard python imaplib, but imap_con, a simplified ripoff.
    According to me, it's easier to use and more practical, though at a slightly
    lower level. It's currently not very documented, but it has methods for IMAP
    commands, and returns ([untagged Responses], tagged Response). See the module
    docstring for a translation of the imaplib example.

    This version is in the Public Domain. Quixote, the scgi programs, Spark, and
    other parts by other people use their own respective licenses, of course.

    For more info, see the README, which is available, as is the source, at:
    Quinn Dunkan, May 19, 2004
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