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Discussion in 'C++' started by Charles Rapp, May 31, 2004.

  1. Charles Rapp

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    SMC - The State Machine Compiler v. 3.0.0

    Requires: Java 1.4.1 SE (Standard Edition) or better.
    Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/smc
    Home Page: http://smc.sourceforge.net

    What's New?

    + SMC now generates VB.Net code using the -vb command line
    option. The generated VB.Net code was tested against Microsoft
    DevStudio 7.0.

    This is a beta feature. Use accordingly.

    + There are ant build.xml files for the Java examples. Because
    ant uses a different directory layout than the make-based
    examples, you will find the ant-based Java examples in

    + (-c++) SMC places in the *_sm.h forward declarations for the
    generated State classes. This simplifies including the *_sm.h
    header file.

    + (-c++) Added -nostreams command line option. If specified, then
    application must provide the subroutine:

    void TRACE(const string& s, ...)

    which outputs s along with 0 or more optional arguments. TRACE
    is similar to printf.

    Bug fixes

    + (-table) SMC reports an error when parsing a .sm file with a
    %include construct and a -table target. The error states that
    %include can only be used with a -c++ target. This is not true.
    It can also be used with -table.

    + (-java) The default transition mechanism was operating properly
    due to the generated code calling the super class' method
    directly using the super class' name. This has been corrected
    by substituting the super class' name with the "super" keyword.

    What is SMC?

    SMC takes a state machine description (stored in a .sm file) and
    generates State pattern classes in a target language (C++, Java,
    Tcl and VB.Net are currently supported). SMC is a console-based
    app written in Java which means SMC can run anywhere Java (1.4.1
    or better) can run. The download package includes an example
    directory showing how SMC can used with C++, Java, Tcl
    (requires [incr Tcl] package) and VB.Net. The examples range from
    trivial to GUI apps.

    How can I learn more?

    At http://smc.sourceforge.net. You can access the SMC
    Programmer's Manual there as well. While you're there, check out
    the SMC demo applet at http://smc.sourceforge.net/SmcDemo.htm.

    Where can I get it?

    SMC and the Programmer's Manual can be downloaded from
    http://sourceforge.net/projects/smc. You can also use this
    website to:

    + Ask questions (via the Public Forum's Help discussion)
    + Submit a bug.
    + Join a mailing list.
    + Access SMC documentation.
    + Access SMC's source code in the CVS repository.

    (Note: in order to make full use of SourceForge capabilities,
    you must be a SourceForge member. If you are not a member,
    head over to http://sourceforge.net/account/register.php
    and sign up. SourceForge membership is free - no money, no
    requirements and NO SPAM! Membership has its benefits.)

    If you have any problems, surf over to
    http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=27865 and report
    the problem. I will try and answer you via the Help forum as
    quickly as I can.


    Charles Rapp
    Charles Rapp, May 31, 2004
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