ANN: SPE 0.8.1.b IDE (realtime error underlining & script tooltips)

Discussion in 'Python' started by SPE - Stani's Python Editor, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Release news from

    This new release is for under your Christmas tree. (If you want more
    presents, just donate to SPE and receive the manual in your mailbox ;-)

    There are so many changes and fixes. The new cool features not to be
    missed are the realtime error underlinging and the tooltips for the
    file tabs, which gives you a preview of the file by the docstring.

    Mac users should upgrade as this fixed the most critical bug of SPE on
    Mac, the click inside selection crash.

    So just open the package and discover the present...

    :**New features**:

    - errors are underlined in red as you type (as preference)
    - tooltips on tabs showing path and docstring
    - drag and drop for script tabs
    - Edit>Show docstring (Ctrl+Shift+Space)
    - middle click pastes selected text
    - single instance application (enable it as preference)

    :**Improved features**:

    - file tabs (thanks to Andrea Gavana's NotebookCtrl)
    - add single click toggle for explore (not for Mac)
    - better code completion and docstring
    - dialog popup to confirm save before executing whole file
    - if signature not specified opens a choose file dialog
    - selected text is now always copied to the find dialog


    - clicking inside selection=deselect(no mac crash anymore)
    - launching debugger
    - removed unnecessary print statement
    - find in files clear behavior (by Thurston Stone)
    - ask to save before running a modified file
    - changed text 'save before run' to 'save before execute'
    - run with sys.executable (movable python)
    - info.PYTHON_EXEC to pythonw for Mac
    - __name__ in shell is now "__main__" for executing scripts
    - Kiki dialog box (by Andrea Gavana)
    - import sys when right version wxPython is not found


    - auto reload change file is off by default


    - Andrea Gavana
    - Thurston Stone
    - Bill Peterson (manual review)
    - Michael Foord (manual review)
    - Theo de Ridder (for a lot of suggestions & critical feedback)


    - Ramon Diaz-Uriarte, (15 euro)
    - Dmeetry Raizman, Symula Inc, (20 dollar)

    Both donators received the SPE manual.


    - See
    - There is now an update section for MacOS X!



    SVN 117

    About SPE:
    SPE is a python IDE with auto-indentation, auto completion, call tips,
    syntax coloring, uml viewer, syntax highlighting, class explorer,
    source index, auto todo list, sticky notes, integrated pycrust shell,
    python file browser, recent file browser, drag&drop, context help, ...
    Special is its blender support with a blender 3d object browser and its
    ability to run interactively inside blender. Spe integrates with XRCed
    designer) and ships with wxGlade (gui designer), PyChecker (source
    code doctor), Kiki (regular expression console) and WinPdb (remote,
    multi-threaded debugger).

    SPE is looking for people who can take screenshots for the new

    The development of SPE is driven by its donations. Anyone who donates
    can ask for an nice pdf version of the manual without ads (60 pages).
    SPE - Stani's Python Editor, Dec 21, 2005
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  2. Sorry, should be SPE 0.8.1.c

    SPE - Stani's Python Editor, Dec 21, 2005
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