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  1. Scott Abel

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    I thought some of you might be interested in learning more about
    content management and might find this press release useful. I have
    taken several of The Rockley Group's clases and read their book,
    "Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy". I'd
    recommend the training and the book to any serious content management

    Scott Abel

    For immediate release:

    The Rockley Group Content Management Workshop Series

    Coming to Atlanta, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, Washington, DC,
    Toronto, and Research Triangle Park

    Learn more: http://www.rockley.com/workshops.htm

    The Rockley Group Content Management Workshop Series is designed to
    provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts and
    techniques required to develop and implement effective content
    management. Each workshop runs for two days. Take all four workshops
    and receive a certificate in content management.

    The series includes:

    Content Management Jumpstart
    Information Architecture for Content Management
    Content Modeling and Structured Writing
    Content Management Implementation Strategies

    Note: These workshops are oriented towards multiple media content
    management (e.g., paper, web, wireless) and emphasize managing reusable

    Content Management JumpStart

    Content Management JumpStart introduces the concepts, strategies,
    guidelines, processes, and technological options required for a
    successful content management implementation. This workshop helps
    content managers and authors understand how to meet the increasing
    demands of creating, managing, and distributing content through a
    content management strategy. It covers the value of content management,
    how to analyze your content lifecycle, how to develop an ROI. It
    introduces you to the information architecture of content management,
    and provides guidelines for selecting tools and technology. It also
    covers the changing roles and processes that content management brings
    about, and provides strategies for managing that change.

    http://www.rockley.com/Content Management Jumpstart.htm

    Information Architecture for Content Management

    Information Architecture for Content Management introduces you to
    concepts required to develop the information architecture for your
    content management strategy. Information architecture is a key
    component of a successful content management strategy. It is the
    backbone of your strategy and formalizes the structure of your content,
    helping you to determine rules for identifying, managing, retrieving,
    and delivering your content. In this workshop you will learn how to
    design your information architecture to support the user experience. It
    covers the concepts of content modeling, metadata, content management
    business rules, repository structure, and workflow.

    http://www.rockley.com/Information Architecture for Content M...

    Content Modeling and Structured Writing

    Content Modeling and Structured Writing teaches you how to create
    content models and the content supported by those models. Content
    models define how information products are structured to support reuse
    and consistency, they identify where information products will share
    reusable content, and indicate what metadata applies to each element.
    Structured writing provides the standards for how to structure and
    write each element identified in your models. In this workshop, you
    will learn techniques for creating XML-ready content models that
    support content reuse in a structured authoring environment and how to
    create writing guidelines to support these models. Existing content
    models such as DocBook, DITA, SPL, and PIMS will also be reviewed.

    http://www.rockley.com/Content Modeling and Structured Writin...

    Content Management Implementation Strategies

    Implementing an effective unified content strategy is a balance between
    what is desired and what is possible from both an authoring and a
    technical perspective. An optimum implementation strategy is based on
    your analysis of your content, the potential for reuse, and the end
    user content requirements, as well as on your understanding of the
    technical capabilities/implementation of the content management system.
    This workshop provides you with an understanding of the factors
    affecting implementation, enabling you to make the right decisions
    about implementing your unified content strategy and your content
    management system. Note that it is not intended to be a technical
    "how-to" session; rather, it focuses on helping you to understand
    implementation issues.

    http://www.rockley.com/Implementation Strategies for Content ...

    Who should attend?

    - Writers and editors
    - Publishers
    - Information Architects
    - Software Developers
    - Business and IT Managers
    - Business Analysts
    - Information Technology Consultants
    - Educators

    Cities hosting the Content Management Workshop Series include:

    - Toronto
    - Washington, DC
    - Chicago
    - Atlanta
    - Research Triangle Park
    - Vancouver
    - Seattle

    Learn more: http://www.rockley.com/workshops.htm

    Contact us

    The Rockley Group Inc.
    445 Apple Creek Blvd., Suite 120
    Markham, ON L3R 9X7
    Phone: 905-415-1885
    Fax: 905-415-3413

    Scott Abel, Jan 12, 2005
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