ASP.NET AJAX: problems with UpdatePanel, GridView & RowCommand in Firefox

Discussion in 'ASP .Net' started by, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I have a user control which contains an UpdatePanel, which contains a
    MultiView inside, with a GridView in one of the views.
    In my GridView, I have a ButtonField which is supposed to trigger a
    server-side operation, using the RowCommand functionality.

    In IE, this all works great, but in Firefox (v2.0.0.6), clicking the
    above mentioned ButtonField fires off two similar AJAX requests, which
    is causing errors in my server-side code.

    Background Info: the gridview displays a list of external contact
    records, so the user can link to the contact record currently
    displayed on the page (by clicking a ButtonField in the GridView and
    handling the RowCommand event). During the process of adding the
    link, my server-side code checks to see if the external contact has
    already been linked to one of our contacts. Once the link has been
    successfully created, the external contact's personal info is
    displayed in a details view. On the other hand, if the external
    contact has been linked to one of our contacts already, the user is
    prompted to either cancel the operation, delete the existing link &
    continue, or continue by allowing a duplicate link to be created.
    Once the user selects the appropriate option, a details view is
    displayed showing the newly linked external contact's personal info
    (if the operation is cancelled, the user is returned to a search
    criteria form).

    In IE, all this works as expected, but in Firefox, when I click my
    ButtonField, the server-side code executes as expected, adding the
    link. The weird part is that after adding the link, it tries to add
    the link again, which of course brings up my user prompt to handle the
    potential duplicate. From working with FireBug and debugging in
    VS2005, it looks like two separate AJAX postbacks are being fired off
    at pretty much the same time, with one arriving at the server before
    the 2nd one (the first one is creating the contact link as expected,
    and the 2nd one is getting caught on my duplicate-checking user
    prompt). I'd imagine that if I didn't have that duplicate-checking
    user, this thing could go into an infinite loop.

    Does anyone know why or how this is happening? Is this a known issue
    with ASP.NET AJAX or Firefox? Is there anyway to work-around this
    , Aug 2, 2007
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