Call For Participation: WORLDCOMP'09 (The 2009 World Congress inComputer Science, Computer Engineer

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  1. Call For Participation

    The 2009 World Congress in Computer Science,
    Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing

    Date and Location: July 13-16, 2009, Las Vegas, USA

    This is an invitation to attend WORLDCOMP'09 Congress. WORLDCOMP'09
    is composed of a number of tracks (22 joint conferences, 15 tutorials,
    180 technical sessions and workshops, 55 keynotes and invited
    all will be held simultaneously, same location and dates: July 13-16,
    2009. Attendees will have full access to all conferences' sessions,
    tracks, and tutorials. See below for the complete list of joint
    list of sponsors, registration information, hotel information, and


    o BIOCOMP'09: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
    o CDES'09: Computer Design
    o CGVR'09: Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality
    o CSC'09: Scientific Computing
    o DMIN'09: Data Mining
    o EEE'09: e-Learning, e-Business, Enterprise Information Systems,
    o ERSA'09: Engineering of Reconfigurable Systems and Algorithms
    o ESA'09: Embedded Systems and Applications
    o FCS'09: Foundations of Computer Science
    o FECS'09: Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer
    o GCA'09: Grid Computing and Applications
    o GEM'09: Genetic and Evolutionary Methods
    o ICAI'09: Artificial Intelligence
    o ICOMP'09: Internet Computing
    o ICWN'09: Wireless Networks
    o IKE'09: Information and Knowledge Engineering
    o IPCV'09: Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern
    o MSV'09: Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Methods
    o PDPTA'09: Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and
    o SAM'09: Security and Management
    o SERP'09: Software Engineering Research and Practice
    o SWWS'09: Semantic Web and Web Services


    o United States Military Academy, Network Science Center;
    o Biomedical Cybernetics Lab., HST of Harvard U. and MIT;
    o Argonne's Leadership Computing Facility of Argonne National
    o Functional Genomics Lab., U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
    o Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, U. of Minnesota;
    o Intelligent Data Exploration & Analysis Lab., U. of Texas at
    o Harvard Statistics Department Genomics & Bioinformatics Lab.,
    Harvard U.;
    o Texas Advanced Computing Center, U. of Texas at Austin;
    o Center for the Bioinformatics & Computational Genomics, Georgia
    Institute of Technology;
    o Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Program, George Mason U.;
    o Institute of Discrete Mathematics & Geometry, Vienna U. of
    Technology, Austria;
    o BioMedical Informatics & Bio-Imaging Lab., Georgia Institute
    of Technology & Emory U.;
    o Knowledge Management & Intelligent System Center (KMIS) of
    U. of Siegen, Germany;
    o National Institute for Health Research;
    o Hawkeye Radiology Informatics, Department of Radiology, College
    of Medicine, U. of Iowa;
    o Institute for Informatics Problems of the Russian Academy of
    Sciences, Moscow, Russia;
    o Medical Image HPC & Informatics Lab (MiHi Lab), U. of Iowa;
    o SECLAB (U. of Naples Federico II, U. Naples Parthenope, & Second
    U. Naples, Italy;
    o U. of North Dakota;
    o Intelligent Cyberspace Engineeing Lab., ICEL, Texas A&M/Comm,
    o International Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine;
    o World Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies.

    o European Commission;
    o Supermicro, Inc.
    o Salford Systems
    o Element CXI, California
    o High Performance Computing for Nanotechnology (HPCNano);
    o HoIP - Health without Boundaries;
    o The International Council on Medical and Care Compunetics;
    o The UK Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform;
    o VMW Solutions Ltd.;
    o Scientific Technologies Corporation;
    o Hodges' Health
    o Bentham Science Publishers
    o GridToday


    The complete WORLDCOMP'09 schedule/program is available at:


    To attend the congress, use the following online registration link:


    WORLDCOMP'09 will be held in the Monte Carlo resort, Las Vegas,
    Nevada, USA (with any overflows at other near-by hotels). This is
    a mega hotel with excellent conference facilities and over 3,000
    rooms. It is minutes from the airport with 24-hour shuttle/taxi
    service to and from the airport. This hotel has many recreational
    attractions and is within walking distance from most other
    attractions. You are to reserve your hotel room directly by
    calling Monte Carlo Resort at 1-702-730-7000 or 1-702-730-7777.
    sure that you mention the Group Code "XWRLD9" (XWRLD9 is the
    keyword that the hotel will use to handle the reserved block of
    rooms for the Congress). You should reserve your room as soon as
    possible since our block is very close to being fully booked.
    are also many other hotels nearby.

    KEYNOTE LECTURES (this is only a small subset):

    o Prof. Ian Foster
    Father of Grid Computing
    Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Director,
    Computation Institute, University of Chicago and
    Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, USA
    Title: Grid Computing

    o Dr. K. Eric Drexler
    Father of Nanotechnology
    Chief Technical Advisor, Nanorex
    Title: Advanced Nanotechnology: Advanced Computing on the Critical

    o Prof. Viktor K. Prasanna
    Fellow, IEEE; Fellow ACM
    Charles Lee Powell Chair in Engineering; Professor of EE, CE, CS;
    Executive Director of USC-Infosys Center for Advanced Software
    Technologies (CAST); University of Southern California, USA
    Title: Algorithm Design for Reconfigurable Computing Systems

    o Dr. Jose L. Munoz
    Deputy Director, National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of
    Cyberinfrastructure (OCI) and NSF/ICI senior advisor. Former
    of Simulation & CS Office at the National Nuclear Security Adm.'s
    Advanced Simulation & Computing (ASCI) program.
    Title: It's Like Deja-Vu All over Again ... Again

    o Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee
    Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President,
    Systems, Inc.
    Title: e-Services Everywhere

    o Dr. Rahul Razdan
    CEO, Raztech LLC
    Title: Future Directions in Reconfigurable Computing

    o Prof. P. M. A. Sloot
    Director of the Institute for Informatics
    University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
    Editor-in-Chief, Future Generation Computer Systems
    Title: Sex and the City - Modelling HIV from Molecule to Man
    Title: Modeling Dynamic Systems with Cellular Automata

    o Prof. Michael Bank
    Holon Institute of Technology, Israel
    Inventor of Frequency Bank Signal (FBS).
    Title: Perception Redundancy Theory and Technical Compression
    Title: The Doppler Effect: Limiting Values in OFDMA Cellular

    o Prof. Brian D. Athey
    University of Michigan Medical School, USA; Founding Associate
    Director, CCMB; Head, NIH National Center for Integrative
    Informatics; Director, Biomedical Informatics Program of Michigan
    Institute for Clinical & Health Research; Advisor to Director of
    DPCPSI in the office of the Director of the NIH.
    Title: TBA

    PLANNED TUTORIALS (this is a partial list):
    Tutorial attendance is free to registered attendees of worldcomp
    all its associated conferences (most are 3 hours long):

    o Robust Resource Management for Parallel and Distributed Computing
    Models and Methods
    Prof. H. J. Siegel
    Abell Endowed Chair Distinguished Professor of Electrical and
    Computer Engineering and Professor of Computer Science,
    Director, CSU Information Science and Technology Center (ISTeC),
    Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

    o Developing Enterprise Web Services and Mobile/Wireless Systems
    Dr. Sandeep Chatterjee
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO), SourceTrace Systems, USA;
    for Fortune-100 companies; Formerly, Chief Architect of Hewlett-
    Web Services Mediation Platform, USA

    o Inverse Problems in Imaging Systems and Computer Vision: From
    Deterministic Regularization to Probabilistic Bayesian Approaches
    Prof. Ali Mohammad-Djafari
    Directeur de recherche au CNRS, Centre National de la Recherche
    (CNRS), France

    o A Complete Revolution in Software Engineering Based on Complexity
    Jay Xiong
    International Software Automation, Inc. (currently being
    reorganized), USA
    ISA Shanghai, Ltd., Shanghai, P. R. China

    o Data Mining With Sensitivity to Rare Events and Class Imbalance
    Prof. Nitesh V. Chawla
    University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA

    o State of the Art in Sensor Networking
    Prof. Anura P. Jayasumana
    Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

    o Introduction to Digital Forensics Research
    Dr. Robert F. Erbacher
    Utah State University, Utah, USA

    o Visualization for the Beginner, the Researcher, the Advanced
    Architect and Whoever Else ...
    Dr. Brian J. d'Auriol
    Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea

    o Moving On, Moving Online That Is: An Introduction to Teaching
    Dr. Michael (Mike) L. Nelson
    School of Technology Graduate Program Director
    Hodges University, Ft Myers, Florida, USA

    o Teaching Java Through Alice and Greenfoot
    Dr. Peter DePasquale* and Dr. Mark Lewis**
    *The College of New Jersey, USA & **Trinity University, USA

    o Emerging Human-Web Interaction Research
    Dr. Peter Geczy
    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
    (AIST), Japan

    o Cryptographic Features and Applications: Java (C)
    Prof. Ray Kresman
    Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA

    o A Tour of Advanced Data Mining Methodologies
    Dr. Dan Steinberg
    President and CEO of Salford Systems, Inc.

    o Autonomous Machine Learning
    Prof. Asim Roy
    Arizona State University, Arizona, USA

    o Web Services in ASP.NET AJAX
    Khanna Samratvivekanand Omprakash
    Institute of Science & Technology for Advanced Studies and
    Research(ISTAR), Charotar Vidya Mandal (CVM), Sardar Patel
    University, V.V.Nagar, India
    A. M. G. Solo, Jun 24, 2009
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