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    Call For Participation

    Workshop on Distributed Object Computing for
    Real-time and Embedded Systems
    11th - 14th July 2005

    Abstract deadline: 25th February 2005

    Washington, DC USA

    Hosted by:OMG

    Software standards for real-time and embedded systems must support
    stringent resource, reliability, and timing requirements. The challenge
    is particularly acute for middleware standards, which have to cope with
    performance and reliability variations of the underlying
    The Object Management Group (OMG) provides a widely-used set of
    standards for this purpose, including OMG Common Object Request Broker
    Architecture(CORBA) middleware standard with capabilities for real-time
    scheduling, fault tolerance, and resource-constrained systems. Its
    Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard supports real-time analysis
    and design, and its Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is used to create
    applications from models.

    Following the success of past real-time and embedded workshops, OMG is
    hosting this workshop as a forum for standards users, researchers and
    implementers to share their experiences. Presentations and discussions
    at the workshop will also help shape future of OMG standards.

    The workshop Programme Committee is seeking proposals for presentations
    of experience reports, evaluations, case studies or research papers
    relevant to:

    Real-time systems
    Embedded systems
    Fault-tolerant systems
    High-availability systems
    Safety-critical systems
    Software-defined radio systems
    Embedded secure systems

    Technologies relevant to this workshop include (but aren't limited to):

    Real-time middleware, including real-time CORBA
    Real-time Java
    Real-time operating systems, including Real-time Linux
    Middleware for embedded and resource-constrained systems
    Modelling notations (including Unified Modelling Language, UML)
    Model-Driven approaches, including MDA
    Design methods (including Agile methods)
    Component platforms (including the CORBA Component Model)
    Novel transport mechanisms
    High-level real-time programming models
    Service-oriented architectures
    Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architecture


    Proposals for panel sessions in any of the above areas are also


    Proposals are welcomed for half-day or full-day tutorials on
    established techniques and standards in any of the areas touched on in
    this call.


    Interested individuals or organisations are invited to submit a brief
    (up to 600 word) abstract of their proposed workshop presentation by
    25th February 2005 using this web form:

    The Programme Committee will select presentations for inclusion in the
    programme and notify authors by Friday 11th March 2005. Final
    presentation materials will be required from all selected presenters by
    Monday 13th June 2005.

    The final workshop agenda and registration details will be available by
    Tuesday 15th March 2005 and posted at:

    Programme Committee

    Chair: Andrew Watson, Object Management Group

    Andrew Foster, PrismTech
    Andy Gokhale, Vanderbilt University
    Ben Calloni, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
    Bill Beckwith, Objective Interface Systems
    Bran Selic, IBM Rational Software
    Carol Burt, 2AB
    Dave Stringer, Borland
    David McKinnon, Washington State University
    Dock Allen, MITRE
    Doug Jensen, MITRE
    Doug Schmidt, Vanderbilt University
    Hermann Kopetz, TTTech
    Irfan Pyarali, OOMWorks
    Jishnu Mukerji, Hewlett Packard
    Joe Jacob, Objective Interface Systems
    Jon Siegel, Object Management Group
    Lisa DiPippo, University of Rhode Island
    Richard Soley, Object Management Group
    Shahzad Aslam-Mir, PrismTech
    Steve Mellor, Mentor Graphics
    Steve Osselton, PrismTech
    Vana Kalogeraki, University of California, Riverside
    Victor Giddings, Objective Interface Systems
    , Feb 18, 2005
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