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    Hello there,
    I need some thoughts about a web application that i am dreaming
    drooling about in python. I want a search page to look exactly like
    Google. But when i press the search button, it should search a database
    in an rdbms like Oracle and provide results.
    For example, if my keywords are "all customers with names
    starting with 'God'" it should somehow search table CUSTOMER , with
    following query :
    So we basically need is a good python parser module which parses the
    keywords into an sql or sqls and list the results. I can look in the
    keywords for table and column synonyms and map it into table and column
    names and create sql but it's not a foolproof idea as we all know that
    english is a very vague language. The above idea wil fail , if i can't
    identify table,column names ,operators and values in their logical
    orders so as to create a syntactically correct sql. If there are more
    tables involved, i should also think of joining tables
    (inner,outer,equi joins). All I want is some enlightening thoughts from
    the python hackers(i mean programmers) out there.Plz polish your grey
    cells and let me know your thoughts.

    # this is my basic and foolish keywordparser
    # the object db provides the table as well as column names
    # as u can see it may or may not work even for a single table
    class KeyWordParser(object):
    def __init__(self,keywords,db):
    self.keywords = keywords.upper().split()
    self.db = db
    self.tables = []
    self.columns = []

    def parse2sql(self):
    for word in self.keywords:
    if word in self.db.tables():

    for word in self.keywords:
    for table in self.tables:
    for column in self.db.columns(table):
    if column == word:
    sql = 'SELECT %s FROM %s' % (','.join(self.columns) or
    return sql
    godwin, Jul 12, 2005
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