DocumentBuilder.parse don't get data from InputSource

Discussion in 'Java' started by David, May 27, 2004.

  1. David

    David Guest

    Hi java folks,
    I may have difficulties to explain clearly my problem, but I'm doing my

    I have a class "Receiver" which *receives* XML data on a socket. The
    InputStream from the socket is packed as given below:

    fluxLecture = new BufferedReader(new

    The other class "Sender", *sends* the XML data by calling println(String
    str) on the PrintWriter object:


    Now I would like that "Receiver" interpretes the incoming XML data each
    time a new XML data is sent by "Sender", so I do:

    Document messageXML = interpreteurXML.parse(new InputSource(fluxLecture));

    In fact i expected that each time:


    is called from the "Sender" a:

    Document messageXML = interpreteurXML.parse(new InputSource(fluxLecture));

    from the "Receiver" would get to parse the incoming XML data. But this is
    not so.

    Could someone explain me what am I doing wrong and how to solve
    my problem please?

    Thanking you for your attention.

    David, May 27, 2004
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