form, textarea from file

Discussion in 'Javascript' started by PTM, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. PTM

    PTM Guest

    I'm no javascript pro but have to write up a rather large system. Now
    I'm stuck with a problem.

    I would like to make a webpage where a customer vould edit short pieces
    of text, abt 200-300 chr. If only this text were allways from and to the
    same file, there would be no problem. I have made many pages with forms.

    But now we need to make it so that the name of the file comes as
    query_string from a PERL script and the file should go to the textarea
    of the form.
    I tried a classic

    <TEXTAREA NAME="teksti" cols=40 rows=5>
    <!--#include virtual="<!--#echo var='QUERY_STRING'-->"-->

    This gives an error message
    [an error occurred while processing this directive]

    Is there any way to read textarea text from a separately named file?
    We can rewrite pieces of the PERL code if it helps.
    PTM, Nov 23, 2006
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  2. PTM

    ASM Guest

    Re: [SSI] form, textarea from file

    PTM a écrit :
    > I tried a classic
    > <TEXTAREA NAME="teksti" cols=40 rows=5>
    > <!--#include virtual="<!--#echo var='QUERY_STRING'-->"-->

    <TEXTAREA NAME="teksti" cols=40 rows=5>
    <!--#set var="page" val="$QUERY_STRING" -->
    <!--#include virtual="$page" -->

    or :

    <TEXTAREA NAME="teksti" cols=40 rows=5>
    <!--#include virtual="$QUERY_STRING" -->
    <a href="<!--#echo var="QUERY_STRING" -->">
    <!--#echo var="QUERY_STRING" --></a>

    Test 2nd example here :

    Stephane Moriaux et son (moins) vieux Mac déjà dépassé
    Stephane Moriaux and his (less) old Mac already out of date
    ASM, Nov 23, 2006
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  3. PTM

    PTM Guest

    Re: [SSI] form, textarea from file

    ASM wrote:

    > PTM a écrit :
    > <form>
    > <TEXTAREA NAME="teksti" cols=40 rows=5>
    > <!--#include virtual="$QUERY_STRING" -->
    > </textarea>
    > </form>

    PTM: Exellent ! Thank you !
    This saved me many hours of work and it is more tight code than I had
    hoped for.
    I found domewhere a comment which stated that TEXTAREA can not contain
    html code but still this seems to work at least in those browsers I have
    tested so far.
    PTM, Nov 23, 2006
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