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Discussion in 'HTML' started by Asterbing, Mar 13, 2006.

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    Since the "on fly addition..." thread has taken another direction, I'm
    opening a new one to be more explicit and recenter the subject.

    Well, the subject is to detect when a document is well loaded inside an
    iframe, knowing this document is CGI generated and that I can't modify
    the CGI itself (ie. add an onload event in the document body).

    All is said in the three HTML file I've copied below. Just create the
    three in same directory, then launch main.htm.

    -- Begin of MAIN.HTM --
    <title>Check Statistics</title>
    <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"><!--
    var f = document.getElementById("stats");

    function Check(){
    alert("Check() called : means doc should be loaded in
    iframe. The real Check() fct will do several things including : iframe's
    heigh resize to fit the doc heigh, some stats summarization on screen
    and creation of some buttons about copy/export");}

    function WaitStats4Checking(){
    if (f.document.readyState == "complete"){

    function GetStats(){
    var f = document.getElementById("stats");
    f.setAttribute("src", "stats.htm"); // real url will be to
    a CGI
    <p>Initially, the iframe contains help.htm which just says "Not any
    statistic loaded. Click 'Get Statistics'" for which a heigh of 20px is
    When user click on the 'Get Statistics' link, the GetStats() javascript
    function run the getstats.exe CGI script which returns a generated
    document in iframe.
    When this generated document is well loaded in iframe (not before), the
    Check() javascript function should be launched.
    Current problem is that (f.document.readyState == "complete") is always
    true even if generated document is not fully loaded.
    How to solve this ? Maybe going through onreadystatechange to launch
    WaitStats4Checking() rather than at the end of GetStats(), but how ?</p>

    <a href="#" onclick="GetStats();">Get Statistics</a>

    <div style="position: absolute; visibility: visible; top: 300px; left:
    15px; height: auto; width: 731px; padding: 5px; overflow: hidden;
    background: white; color: #000000">
    <iframe id="stats" width=720 height=60 src="help.htm" frameborder="yes"
    -- End of MAIN.HTM --

    -- Begin of HELP.HTM --
    Not any statistic loaded. Click 'Get Statistics'
    -- End of HELP.HTM --

    -- Begin of STATS.HTM --
    Normally, this document is generated through a CGI, but I've created a
    dummy HTML file for facility during the test.
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Nunc feugiat
    diam eu risus. Proin hendrerit mauris commodo enim bibendum dictum.
    Pellentesque eu libero eu lorem consequat varius. Sed ornare mauris eu
    erat. Vivamus malesuada consequat turpis. Etiam nec massa. Donec risus
    urna, semper a, pellentesque quis, malesuada non, mi. Sed quis nibh.
    Donec vulputate tortor eu pede. Donec volutpat, leo eu commodo nonummy,
    elit pede pretium diam, a scelerisque nunc magna vitae massa. Fusce sit
    amet nibh vitae sapien faucibus feugiat. Sed nisl. Nullam commodo luctus
    metus. Sed elit. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient
    montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Fusce nunc arcu, aliquam vel, dignissim
    vel, auctor sit amet, justo. Suspendisse cursus felis eu ipsum. Praesent
    ac massa. Integer laoreet rhoncus elit. Sed mi lectus, dictum
    adipiscing, sodales sit amet, congue a, diam. Donec feugiat ligula id
    ante. Donec eget lacus. Etiam dui. Nullam nisi. Maecenas elit. Aenean
    lectus sem, pellentesque nec, placerat id, tempus sollicitudin, risus.
    Praesent fermentum tempor velit. Nulla dolor. Ut condimentum. Nulla
    lobortis lacinia nisl. Donec leo. In pellentesque luctus sapien. Nulla
    ultricies lacinia odio. Etiam ornare lacus. Aenean ut lacus. Proin
    tortor augue, eleifend sed, imperdiet id, iaculis eu, augue. Nulla
    tempus orci ac leo. Maecenas purus. Etiam varius porta mauris. Donec
    porta, tortor a suscipit accumsan, libero dui hendrerit tortor, quis
    faucibus nisi turpis non mauris. Maecenas elit tortor, viverra nec,
    ornare sit amet, porta eget, quam. Integer ultrices, diam vitae sagittis
    scelerisque, ligula velit sodales justo, vel ultricies nulla ipsum
    suscipit arcu. Aenean sed nibh quis ipsum tempor vehicula. Integer
    eleifend ante vel leo. Fusce diam metus, porttitor sed, viverra id,
    convallis in, arcu. Nullam luctus, massa at consectetuer scelerisque,
    elit nisl eleifend erat, luctus laoreet odio pede sed ipsum. Sed a enim
    nec libero cursus euismod. Aliquam non nisi eleifend turpis fringilla
    porttitor. Pellentesque ut felis sit amet lectus accumsan fringilla.
    Aliquam vitae arcu vitae mauris ullamcorper volutpat. Nulla elementum
    tincidunt quam. Ut auctor mauris eget magna. Aliquam pulvinar sapien id
    libero. Phasellus at est in erat accumsan egestas. Duis vel neque.
    Maecenas facilisis, dui id dignissim tincidunt, sem tellus gravida
    dolor, eu sollicitudin justo tellus in erat. Pellentesque habitant morbi
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    Praesent ac leo quis risus porttitor blandit. Vestibulum ante ipsum
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    id, ipsum. Phasellus nisi erat, cursus eget, commodo eget, feugiat nec,
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    elit sem, blandit ut, tempus in, dignissim non, nulla. Morbi ornare
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    faucibus in, turpis. Sed non lorem. Duis lectus orci, posuere molestie,
    mollis id, tempus congue, mi. Nullam ante lorem, molestie eu, euismod
    in, tempor et, lorem. Sed varius. Morbi laoreet, turpis vitae tincidunt
    ullamcorper, arcu sapien gravida lacus, ut vulputate elit pede in dolor.
    Suspendisse suscipit nibh sed ligula. Aenean neque orci, semper eget,
    ornare vestibulum, ullamcorper quis, odio. Donec tempor sagittis sapien.
    Morbi ut sapien. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing
    elit. Sed laoreet facilisis sapien. Mauris lacinia. Cum sociis natoque
    penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec
    condimentum tellus eget turpis. Vivamus egestas. Class aptent taciti
    sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos hymenaeos.
    Quisque vel lacus vel nisl faucibus dictum. Nunc porttitor. Donec
    mollis. Praesent vel turpis. Etiam nunc. Pellentesque hendrerit. Nullam
    vitae risus. Nam aliquet porttitor ligula. In justo massa, iaculis eget,
    gravida ac, lacinia et, magna. Nullam consectetuer. Aliquam adipiscing
    ipsum ac lorem. Curabitur et sem eu erat mattis cursus. Integer auctor
    posuere risus. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et
    ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Proin pulvinar massa. Generated 10
    paragraphs, 862 words, 5852 bytes of Lorem Ipsum
    -- End of STATS.HTM --
    Asterbing, Mar 13, 2006
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