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Discussion in 'ASP General' started by Roland Hall, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. Roland Hall

    Roland Hall Guest

    I'm looking for information on working with large data files using FSO, XML.

    I have a program which creates a large CSV file, over 7mb. It's a rate
    table of freight shipping costs.
    There are certain fields I do not need, some are blank. A typical line
    would be:

    Raw data:

    " ", "30142", "GA", "01001"," ", "MA","


    blank,fromzip,fromstate, tozip,blank, tostate,blank,class, mc, blank, blank,
    blank, l5c, m5c, m1m, m2m, m5m, mxm, mxxm, mxxxm, mxlm, blank, blank,

    I don't need the double quotes or spaces or any field determined to be blank
    in the structure. It is my understanding I can read this file in 3 ways:


    I chose readLine because I didn't want the 7mb all at once nor reading bytes
    because the line is not fixed. I'm using readLine. I manipulate my data
    and append my data to a new file after 1000 lines, finishing up with however
    many lines are left upon reaching the end.

    My result file is a little over 3mb [41380 lines of raw data]. It takes
    seconds to process and will only be used if shipping rates change. The 3mb
    file is still too large to work with and I have decided to split it up in
    one of two ways, either by state or zip code ranges. "By state" gives me 50
    and zip range gives me 10. Not sure what the difference in size will be or
    if it will be a noticeable difference. The rate table, or part of it, will
    only in memory long enough to get the rate and then released.

    I have printing to the screen turned on during the debug process. You can
    see it here:

    My questions are:

    Since I have to use data files would using XML over CSV be drastically
    different to use as a lookup for my new file?
    How much more efficient is XML to retrieve information over CSV being read
    in? To make a true comparison, the result will eventually be multiple
    files, read in with readALL [if used as CSV] and then I would search an
    array for the rate I needed.

    If I used XML, would it be necessary to split the file up, as I would with
    the CSV [by ship to state] or could I use the single file?

    Yes, I know SQL is better but I have to also have a version that does not
    use a database.


    Roland Hall
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    Roland Hall, Dec 15, 2004
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