Lock free thread safe smart pointer based on double linked list

Discussion in 'C++' started by Vyacheslav Kononenko, May 13, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I spent some time breaking my head on this topic recently. I got some
    interesting results (at least for me) and would like to discuss it.
    Mostly I would be happy if somebody could point that I am reinventing
    my wheel here. It is rather interesting and challenging problem for me
    but I got into a point where I do not want to spend more of my time on
    something that's already known.

    So I tried to make algorithms on lock free thread safe double linked
    list element removal and insertion. Since I am trying to implement
    smart pointer I do not need a traversal algorithm. But to find one
    would not hurt :). So I have this:
    struct item {
    item *forward, *backward;

    and item is initialized so forward and backward point to itself.

    and two atomic operations:
    item *set_forward( item *to, item *it );
    item *set_backward( item *to, item *it );

    they set "to->forward" or "to->backward" pointer to "it"
    and return old value atomically. So the first algorithm is
    void insert_right( item *left, item* it )
    set_backward( it, left );
    item *right = set_forward( left, it );
    item *tmp = set_forward( it, right );
    set_backward( right, it );


    I made a small program to check all combinations of atomic operations
    happened from different threads and it looks like that insert_right is
    safe to another insert_right independend of where that insertion
    happened. (I checked combinations of operations up to 3 threads) Now
    trivial implementation of removal:
    void remove( item *it )
    item *left = set_backward( it, it );
    item *right = set_forward( it, it );
    item *tmp = set_forward( left, right );
    set_backward( right, left );


    This removal algorithm works safe if running in parallel of
    insert_right where left is the same as it for remove. Which is not the
    case when item being removed is left->forward. There are some
    combinations of operations where double linked list is broken. And what
    is interesting that all such combinations can be detected by tmp value
    in insert_right and remove functions. But it is not simple to solve
    such situation (at least for me). Also I tried another insertion
    algorithm "insert_left" which is a reflection of
    "insert_right". Again it looks to safe to use them together if the
    same element used as first argument. But not the case when insert_right
    uses on item and insert_left uses another one. (if there are two
    elements already in the list).

    There is another problem though. To use such structure as SP I need to
    put a pointer into struct item. It is not clear to me how to safely
    assign such pointer when "everything can change any time".

    Any ideas?

    Vyacheslav Kononenko, May 13, 2005
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