problem with embbed boost.python in multi-interpreter andmulti-thread HELP please

Discussion in 'Python' started by Donnie Leen, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Donnie Leen

    Donnie Leen Guest

    I wrote a program embbed boost.python, each thread running a sub-interpreter, i made a module implement by boost.python, and i wish this module imported in each sub-interpreter, i find that the module could initialize only once, otherwise the boost.python will throw a exception said that something already registered; second conversion method ignored.

    So I try another way, initialize and import the module in one interpreter such as the main interpreter, and I hope to import the module in any sub-interpreter, because I found the python document said:
    "Extension modules are shared between (sub-)interpreters as follows: the first time a particular extension is imported, it is initialized normally, and a (shallow) copy of its module's dictionary is squirreled away. When the same extension is imported by another (sub-)interpreter, a new module is initialized and filled with the contents of this copy; the extension's init function is not called. "
    but when i try this way i found that the program throw an exception:ImportError: No module named mym, (mym is the module name). This happens even i wrote the module in Python/C API without boost.python.

    Could somebody tell me why this happened or how to deal with it, thanks for any suggestion.

    Donnie Leen
    Donnie Leen, Dec 12, 2004
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  2. Donnie Leen

    Donnie Leen Guest

    All right, I found the answer in boost.python test example embedding.cpp,
    not to call initmodulename() in every sub-interpreter, just call
    PyImport_AppendInittab("modulename", initmodulename) before call to
    Py_Initialize(), this will add the module to the interpreter's builtin
    modules, then I can call "import modulenmame" in each sub-interpeter.

    Donnie Leen
    Donnie Leen, Dec 12, 2004
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