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Discussion in 'ASP General' started by ll, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. ll

    ll Guest

    Hi all,
    I've inherited a site and am currently looking to redesign a page that
    displays a table of course curriculum, with each row representing a
    "Topic" of the curriculum. There is a courseID that exists throughout
    the site, identifying each course.

    Within each row of the aforementioned table, there are 4 columns,
    consisting of MainTopics, their associated SubTopics, uploaded
    LectureNotes for that MainTopic, and finally a DeleteRow button in the
    last column.
    The way this page was originally done was very workable, although it
    is a little tedious. Each MainTopic is actually an individual form
    with textarea containing a description of the MainTopic and a Save
    submit button. Likewise, in the second column, each SubTopic is its
    own form, consisting of a textarea containing a description of the
    SubTopic and a Save button and a Delete button. In the third column,
    listed are any uploaded LectureNote documents in link form, along with
    a Delete button. In the fourth column, there is a DeleteRow button
    which, as it states, deletes the entire row. *Note: Each row can only
    have one MainTopic, although it can have multiple SubTopics and
    multiple uploaded LectureNotes.

    In the code, there is a SQL statement that queries the MainTopic table
    first, getting the MainTopicID. The first MainTopic is then displayed
    in the first column of the table. Next, another SQL statement queries
    the SubTopic table, referring to its (foreign key) MainTopicID to
    select the appropriate SubTopic. The associated SubTopic(s) are then
    displayed in the second column of the table. Next, a SQL statement
    queries the LectureNote table, referring to its (foreign key)
    MainTopicID to select the appropriate LectureNote. The associated
    LectureNote(s) are then displayed in the third column of the table.
    The DeleteRow button then occupies the fourth column before the
    MainTopic loop goes on to form another table row.

    I would like to be able to do three things in redesigning this page:
    1. Save updates to the entire row with a single submit button (one on
    each row, rather than one by each textarea).
    2. Change the MainTopic number for the entire row (for MainTopic,
    SubTopic(s), LectureNote(s), and DeleteRow button with drop down
    3. Create a "copy" function that will allow the user to, by perhaps a
    dropdown box, select MainTopic and associated SubTopic(s) and
    LectureNote(s) from another course (with another courseID) and then
    copy that course's MainTopics, SubTopics, LectureNotes to the current

    Would this be do-able with classic ASP? My main intent is to stay as
    close to the original design as possible, although if it does require
    a re-build, that's ok. Would AJAX perhaps make this an easier task to

    I can post code, if that would be more helpful.

    Thanks for any help or resources,
    Kind Regards,
    ll, Nov 6, 2008
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  2. ll

    ll Guest

    On Nov 7, 11:10 am, "Jon Paal [MSMD]" <Jon nospam Paal @ everywhere
    dot com> wrote:
    > this is too much information....try to boil it down to a specific question for this type of forum.
    > --You can do virtually anything, with enough coding.
    > --AJAX may be easier, but that depends upon your skillset...
    > "ll" <> wrote in messagenews:...
    > > Hi all,
    > > I've inherited a site ...

    Thanks Jon,
    To narrow it down, giving the page the ability to have changeable main
    topic numbers would be the top priority. As each column of the html
    table's rows has a separate form (e.g. main topic form, sub topic
    form, uploaded doc form), how would it be possible, using a drop down
    box, to update each column's db table (main topic Foreign Key) in a
    single step? As they are separate forms, that creates an obstacle.
    Would there have to be one form for each line of the html table in
    order to do this?

    Thanks again,
    ll, Nov 10, 2008
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