Ruby Weekly News 20th - 26th December 2004

Discussion in 'Ruby' started by Tim Sutherland, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. A little early this week as I'm leaving the country tomorrow for a short
    holiday in Melbourne. Do not despair, I will be back just in time to do next
    week's writeup. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all those who are
    celebrating either of those holidays.
    -- TimSuth

    Ruby Weekly News 20th - 26th December 2004

    A summary of the week's activity on the ruby-talk mailing list / the
    comp.lang.ruby newsgroup. This summary is brought to you by Tim Sutherland

    Articles and Announcements

    * [RedHanded: a new Ruby blog]

    [whytheluckystiff] opened a new blog called [RedHanded] to
    separate his Ruby thoughts from the other crazy things that go on
    at his personal site.

    * [ruby 1.8.2]

    [Santa Matz] snuck down the chimney to release a new stable
    version of Ruby. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this


    Interesting threads this week included:

    [Programatically resizing photos]

    Phil Tomson was taking lots of photos in Italy and wanted a way of
    batch-generating low-resolution images for the web. Kaspar Schiess gave a
    simple ImageMagick command to do the trick:

    "convert -resize 320x200 image.jpg image-out.jpg"

    and Kaspar and several others gave examples of Ruby scripts to manipulate
    the geometry of images, all using the [RMagick] library. RMagick is a Ruby
    interface to ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick.

    [ruby-dev summary 25045-25260]

    Takaaki Tateishi posted the latest summary of the Japanese list ruby-dev.
    One issue that was summarised considered Minero Aoki's observation that
    optparse would automatically accept -L when told that --line is a valid
    command-line option. He thought that -l should be accepted as an
    abbreviation but -L should not. Nobu committed a change to make optparse
    follow the suggestion.

    [[SUMMARY] Scrabble Stems (#12)]

    James Edward Gray II summarised last week's [Ruby Quiz]. He also wrote

    "No quiz this week, as I'll be spending a little time off with the family
    enjoying the holidays. I hope everyone else can do the same, holiday or no.
    The quiz will be back next week to kick off a cryptic new year..."

    [Christmas "gift"] [Merry Christmas]

    Jannis Harder gave us a gift for Christmas using the theme we've seen in
    recent weeks of animated Ruby ASCII-art:

    loop{7.times{|i|puts"\e[2J\e[0;3H_...\n / _ '.\n|.'(@@@@@)\n(*)/ %s \\
    | .o. |\n ( %s ) %s"%[i==5?"- -":"e e",(i+3)%7<4?"=":"o",i>0?"-"+
    (" Ho"*i)[0,9]+"!":""];puts" ( )\n"*2," ( )\n"*3,' "-"';

    Christian Neukirchen likewise [got into the spirit] with a Ruby program
    shaped like a Christmas tree that displays a seasonal message.

    New Releases

    * [SNMP 0.4.1]

    Dave Halliday updated his [SNMP Library]. "This library supports
    both the v1 and v2c versions of the SNMP protocol and is written
    in pure Ruby so that your network management scripts can go
    anywhere that Ruby does without installing additional libraries or
    tools." Changes in this release include the addition of symbolic

    * [Ruby/ManageSieve 0.1.0]

    Andre Nathan made the first release of [ManageSieve], an
    implementation of the MANAGESIEVE protocol. [Sieve] is an email
    filtering language.

    * [xmlresume2x 0.2.0]

    Thomas Leitner foretold "here comes the next release of
    [xmlresume2x], a tool which converts résumés stored using the [XML
    Résumé Library] format into various output formats". New in this
    release is output to HTML, French language support, and support
    for the Windows platform.

    * [PrettyException 0.9.5]

    Dmitry V. Sabanin announced a new version of [PrettyException]. It
    now supports Windows thanks to a patch from Michael Neumann.
    PrettyException provides a dynamic (Javascript) web interface to
    Ruby exceptions.

    * [Ruwiki 0.9.2] [Ruwiki 0.9.3]

    Austin Ziegler fixed some bugs in his Wiki server. Unlike most
    Wikis, [Ruwiki] supports project namespaces. This allows the same
    name to be used in different projects hosted on the same server
    without clashing. Ruwiki 0.9.3 was later released after Austin
    suddenly remembered to run the full suite of Ruwiki test cases and
    found some issues.

    * [Rails 0.9.2: End of requiring models, models in sessions, fixes]

    David Heinemeier Hansson declared that thanks "to the powers of
    const_missing, you no longer need to explicitly require models
    that reside in their own files" in the [Rails] web application
    framework. Some bugs were also fixed.

    * [Help 0.1: access ri from irb]

    Ilmari Heikkinen bit the bullet and wrote [help.rb]. This library
    adds a help method to objects in irb (Interactive Ruby Shell) that
    provides ri documentation. Then e.g. "a = 'foo';" will
    provide documentation on Strings.

    * [Text::Hyphen 1.0.0]

    Austin Ziegler released one-dot-oh-dot-oh of Text::Hyphen, a
    library to properly hyphenate words according to the rules of
    whatever language the word is written on. It is based on an
    algorithm in TeX. Text::Hyphen replaces Austin's earlier
    Tex::Hyphen library.
    Tim Sutherland, Dec 26, 2004
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