ScanMail Message: To Sender virus found or matched file blockingsetting.

Discussion in 'Python' started by System Attendant, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange has taken action on the message, please
    refer to the contents of this message for further details.

    Sender =
    Recipient(s) = ;
    Subject = Re: That movie
    Scanning Time = 08/28/2003 21:48:36
    Engine/Pattern = 6.510-1002/622

    Action on message:
    The attachment details.pif matched file blocking settings. ScanMail has
    taken the Deleted action.

    In Ihrer e-Mail und/oder einer e-Mail-Anlage wurde entweder ein Virus
    entdeckt oder e-Mail-Anlagen wurden aus Sicherheitsgruenden geloescht. Bitte
    beachten Sie hierzu die oben stehende englischsprachige Meldung.

    Die e-Mail-Anlagen folgenden Typs werden bei ein- und ausgehenden e-Mails
    aus Sicherheitsgruenden geloescht:

    *.exe *.com *.bat *.cmd *.pif *.msi *.reg *.scr *.lnk
    *.chm *.vb *.vbs *.vbe *.hta *.js *.jse *.wsc *.wsf *.wsh
    *.msh *.sct *.shb *.shs *.eml *.nws *.cpl

    Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Fragen an Ihre lokale Administration.

    Either a virus has been found in your e-mail and/or an e-mail attachment, or
    e-mail attachments have been deleted for security reasons. Please refer to
    the english notification at the top.

    The mail attachment types mentioned above will be deleted on incoming and
    outgoing e-mails for security reasons.

    If you need assistance, please contact your local administration.

    System Attendant, Aug 28, 2003
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