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  1. *** First of all, if there is a previous post on Temple of Elemental
    Evil, please provide a link to that/them so in order to create a
    larger resource on this game. Thanks! (Merci) ;-) ***

    Temple of Elemental Evil is a game for all us that don't know. It was
    brought up previously on this board some months ago and recently I had
    asked a question on whether this game would contain python scripting.

    Well, first of all, Temple of Elemental Evil does provide python
    scripting so that right there makes this game one of python success
    stories (I believe someone has already mentioned this before on this
    news group)

    Well, for some of us that don't know about the game, I'll try and pull
    up some good information links below.
    The main site is found here http://www.greyhawkgame.com/#
    The publisher is Atari. Atari is also the publisher of other games
    like the popular Unreal series and the Unreal engine was used in the
    game Deus-Ex, a personal favorite of mine. Also the Unreal engine is
    being used for the upcoming Tribes game, a game that was heavily built
    on scripting and has a massive list of supported scripts by Sierra and
    the tribes community. Once my favorite game, not anymore then again
    that happens to all games as games are just games and talking about
    games, I'm going way over topic on a python scripting (pas games)
    site. Sorry! But before I end, let me pull up the Atari website URL

    I think the first thing that those interested should do is to look for
    and download the demo. The demo in no way suggests that you should
    hack it and turn it into the full version. In fact, I'd suggest that
    those interested should buy the game at a store, as there are rumors
    that the downloaded version when purchased will force you to have your
    Internet connection on when you play. This is why that you need to now
    look for the game using a search engine. In other words, there's a
    problem with the downloaded version. (http://www.google.com/# et
    http://www.yahoo.com/# etc). The demo only allows for six hours so be
    sure to use the time wisely. I'd suggest reading further and try out
    the scripting part of the game.

    The game dat files is what contains all the scripts to the game. The
    directory system is made up of images, sounds (even a music folder),
    dialog and scripts (all that are .py files). The game when ran
    compiles these py files into pyc files which explains why when you
    first look into the folders they all seem like they are precompiled.
    Anyway, most of the py scripts seem to deal with the NPC character
    dialog. With the help of the above website, I've been able to test the
    dialog scripting system.

    Note for below: If you want to try this, you'll need to create a
    00212burnebadger.dlg in the /dlg folder and a py00212burnebadger.py in
    the /scr directory of the game. Then just paste the appropriate code
    in the correct files and modify the .py so that everything looks
    right, as all py files are space, indent, return ... sensitive.

    *** from the above website forum this was my response:

    I did get something out of this, as I was able to write and execute a
    simple py code with a dialog.

    Firstly I began by looking into the dat files with the tools offered
    here and then I used one of the scripts that I dl here as a base. The
    file 00212burnebadger.dlg in the /dlg folder was backed up and then
    replaced with this code

    {1}{Yes oh cneal sir? How can I help you?}{Yes oh cneal maam? How can
    I help you?}{}{}{}{}
    {2}{Call script}{}{8}{}{10}{game.global_flags[163] = 1}
    {10}{Talk to me again sir}{Talk to me again maam}{}{}{}{}
    {20}{Thank you for testing my script sir.}{This is the end of the test

    I added a file in the /src directory called py00212burnebadger.py and
    in that I added

    from toee import *

    def san_dialog( attachee, triggerer ):
    if (game.global_flags[163] == 1):
    triggerer.begin_dialog( attachee, 20 )
    triggerer.begin_dialog( attachee, 1 )
    return SKIP_DEFAULT

    I then deleted any pyc files relating to the .py file (if I had ran
    the script previously) and I tested the script by talking to one of
    the soldiers where you start out in the game. Anyway, that's pretty
    much what I learned for today. I'm sure there are much better ways of
    performing this task that I'm bound to learn soon.

    Thanks for the resources!

    *** end.

    Note: If you want to try this, you'll need to create a
    00212burnebadger.dlg in the /dlg folder and a py00212burnebadger.py in
    the /scr directory of the game. Then just paste the appropriate code
    in the correct files and modify the .py so that everything looks
    right, as all py files are space, indent, return ... sensitive.

    If you have any questions, please visit
    http://www.co8.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=372/# or I can
    help you here.

    Anyway, that pretty much takes care of the scripting question. This
    game defiantly has potential with python involved. But it does have
    its disadvantages too. Like every other game, not every computer can
    handle the game. Also there is no MP support for the game (thought I
    do believe that some kind of support can be written in python to
    emulate mp). It's also a 3rd person game that means that everything is
    flat but there is the illusion that the game is 3D though shapes and
    effects. Oh, and the effects just makes this game supair! Lastly, this
    game is a Dungeon and Dragons type game (maybe I should have mentioned
    this sooner) but anyway, not everyone will understand the behavior of
    this game. In fact it might be a good idea to go out and do a little
    reading on this type of game. There's a lot of resources on the net
    and there are paper and pencil versions too.

    Finally, From the website previously mentioned, there are a lot of
    tools being created to unitize and read these py scripts and the
    dialog scripts. With that said this has become a success story for the
    python group and something that in the future should defiantly be
    looked into.


    + est My opinion, a success!
    I est information
    - est My opinion, a not (pas) success :-(

    A shorter version of that read:

    + Special effects makes up for the top camera view
    + Might be other things that I've overlooked. (+3*10^10pts)
    + Python scripting (This should be at the top)
    - No internet - Multi Player(MP) support
    - Not everyone will understand the game
    - Not yet anyway, a top ten game (May change though)
    I Game site: http://www.greyhawkgame.com/#
    I Downloaded demo of the game on the net *** Issues with the online
    billing service so only do purchases from a store and not by
    credit/debit card ***
    I dat file extractors and tools can be found at http://www.co8.org./#
    I Game is 3rd person
    I Many tools by programmers being created.

    <a href="http://home.san.rr.com/cneal92/lawfulneutral.html"><img
    O'Neal Computer Programmer, Oct 30, 2003
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