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Discussion in 'VHDL' started by Edwin Naroska, Jul 8, 2003.

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    This posting explains some ways to get the FAQ (Frequently Asked
    Questions) of the newsgroup comp.lang.vhdl:

    Besides of the monthly postings the FAQ is also available by

    www at "http://www.vhdl.org/comp.lang.vhdl/" or
    "http://www.eda.org/comp.lang.vhdl/" or
    ftp on "vhdl.org /pub/comp.lang.vhdl/FAQ*" see VHDL
    International for details on accessing the server

    or send me a note to get a copy via e-mail. Further, all parts of the
    FAQ are available in HTML format and PDF format (better suited for

    The FAQ consists of *four* parts:

    Part 1: FAQ General (contacts, etc.)
    Part 2: Lists of Books on VHDL
    Part 3: Lists of Products & Services (PD+commercial)
    Part 4: VHDL Glossary

    Part 4 is an ASCII representation of Annex B (Glossary) of the
    IEEE Std 1076-1993 IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual. This
    glossary contains brief, informal descriptions for a number of terms
    and phrases used to define VHDL. Additionally, it includes some
    examples to illustrate various definitions.

    The following link points to a HTML version of the glossary using

    http://www.vhdl.org/comp.lang.vhdl/html3/gloss_fr.html .

    A version without frames is at

    http://www.vhdl.org/comp.lang.vhdl/FAQ4.html .

    For a chronological list of changes made to the FAQ see below.


    Dr.-Ing. Edwin Naroska phone: ++49 231 7552406
    Computer Engineering Institute fax: ++49 231 7553251
    (Lehrstuhl fuer Datenverarbeitungssysteme)
    University of Dortmund, 44221 Dortmund, Germany

    FAQ comp.lang.vhdl history (last 3 months)

    Jun 2003
    * Part 2, Section 2.8: recommendation counters updated
    * Part 1, Section 4.2.40: text updated
    * Part 1: links updated
    * Part 1, Section : links to uP1232 (a 8-bit FPGA-based
    microprocessor core;
    DRAGONFLY microprocessor core
    (http://www.leox.org/resources/dvlp.html#RES_DVLP_DGF), an 8-bit
    Stack Processor
    l) and JOP (a Java Optimized Processor;
    http://www.jopdesign.com/download.jsp) added

    May 2003
    * Part 2, Section 2: new book "Using PSL/SUGAR with Verilog and VHDL
    Guide to Property Specification Language for Assertion-Based
    Verification" by Ben Cohen added to list
    * Part 2, Section 2.4 and 3.2: the book VHDL, VHDL'87/'93 en
    voorbeelden by Egbert Molenkamp can be downloaded for free from
    * Part 2, Section 3: A PSL VHDL Quick reference card is available
    * Part 1, Section 4.10: MicroCore, a simple micro controller core
    targeting FPGAs is available from
    * Part 1, Section 4.10: the Confluence LDPC Decoder can be
    downloaded from http://www.opencores.org/projects/cf_ldpc/
    * Part 1, Section 4.2.12: section extended

    Apr 2003
    * Part 1, Section 3.1: an online VHDL language guide by Altium
    Limited is at http://www.acc-eda.com/vhdlref/index.html
    * Part 2, Section 3.1: the document entitled "An Introduction to
    HDLs for Simulation and Synthesis" by David Pellerin is available
    from http://www.acc-eda.com/support/vhdpaper.pdf
    * Part 3, Section 3.2: entry for Simulator PeakVHDL (the simulator
    is now part of nVisage DXP) and DirectVHDL (now also supports Mac
    OS X)
    * Part 1: links updated
    * Part 3, Section 1.5: entry for HDLmaker updated
    * Part 2, Section 3: link to the Amontec VHDL Memo added
    * Part 2, Section 2 and 3.2: The VHDL Cookbook by Peter J. Ashenden
    is also available from
    * Part 1, Section 4.10: A minimal 8 bit VHDL CPU designed for a 32
    macrocell CPLD is available from
    * Part 3, Section 4.1: link to Verilog to free VHDL RTL converter by
    John Sheahan added (http://www.reptechnic.com.au/v2vhd.html)
    * Part 1, Section 4.10: link to package containing various function
    to convert between hex/decimal/octal/binary strings and
    std_logic(_vector)/natural added
    Edwin Naroska, Jul 8, 2003
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  2. Edwin Naroska


    Jun 5, 2007
    DragonFly core

    Hello, every body!
    Does anyone have last or latest DragonFly core and documenation?
    Leox.Org doesn't provide those files anymore :(

    Thank you.
    siome_tajshe, Jun 5, 2007
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