A Memory leak in the dotnet UserControl ?



A Memory leak in the dotnet UserControl ?

Hi All,
I’ve tried to use the following “Host Secure, Lightweight Client-Side
Controls in Microsoft Internet Explorer†sample (I’d like to use a C# User
Control for a project):

Everything seams working fine (the control is displayed, localhost is fully
trusted, …), but using the Windows Task Manager, each time I’m reloading the
page using the IE refresh button, I can see the IE process size growing and
growing...To do the test, I haven’t tried uploading files.

I’ve also tried to use a UserControl in IE, referencing it by a GUID, but
I’m facing the same problem (I’d like to have a control tightly integrated in
the web page, with a display area, buttons…, like an ActiveX or an applet).

Something else: each time I’m launching IE, a large delay is necessary to
reload the control in the page. Even checking the msdn article “Runtime Probe
Causes a Delay…â€.
But it didn’t help me. A more detailed sample would be a good thing. I don’t
have this delay if I reference the control using a GUID.

Any Idea?
Thanks for suggestions

Project modifications: Timer removed
Visual Studio 2003
..NET Framework V1.1.4322
Server: Tomcat 5.5
Client: IE6.0.xxx


<OBJECT id="upload1"
width=800 height=300 style="font-size:12;">
<PARAM Name="FileUploadURL"
<PARAM Name="MaxSessionUpload"



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