Add the value taken from the user to my range for ActiveX ComboBox

Jun 15, 2022
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Hi everyone,

I defined
  • a ActiveX ComboBox named "cmbPeymankar",
  • a Text Box (ActiveX control) called "txtNewPeymankar".
  • a Command Button (ActiveX control) called "Add".
I have a table named "Table1" in sheet "DATA" so that the first column of Table1 contains the names that should be displayed in the cmbPeymankar list and 10 items are already written in it.

I have three questions:
  1. How to define the value of "ListFillRange" of cmbPeymankar so that the values of column 1 of Table1 are displayed in its list?
  2. What command should I write for Add button to add the value taken from the user for txtNewPeymankar to the end of the column 1 of Table1?
  3. The value of cmbPeymankar can be selected from its list. If the user wants to type its value, how can I write an error message if the entered value is not equal to any of the predefined items for cmbPeymankar (in column 1 of Table1)?


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