Automate copying e-mails from YouTube

Aug 9, 2018
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Hello, im youngevil, I am a music guy. I make beats, shitty songs, mix and master for artists, and recently started a channel where I interview local rappers and creatives in my city.

I plan to begin promoting for the youtube channel by the end of the month.

My main approach will be via email.

Where do I get the emails?
I am typically going to the followers of X account, scrolling the bottom of the list and using ctrl F
to search "mail".
I will get around 100-1000 email addresses from this.

The problem is that the process of copy and pasting each email in to a database can take ages.
My question to anyone willing to advice me is

Is there a script I can make, or perhaps a more efficient way to get the information from the followers page to a system or program that can take the "mail" aswell as everything attached to it?

for example:
and some how get
(e-mail address removed)

via an external process?

Any suggestion will help thanks.

I have introductory knowledge of Java, thats about it.

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