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George Mpouras

Στις 11/4/2014 23:32, ο/η Martijn Lievaart έγÏαψε:
As this is not really a Perl question I can only say it's off topic and
you should google on jquery-ui.


You are right that strictly is not Perl question. Obviously Perl is
missing a module here. What we need is lets say a CGI2 that someone
could create fancy widgets.
PerlDancer, Catalyst etc can not even dream such a thing.
Printing javascript code is a little disappointing.

PS. is doing the job fine, it is only for trees !

Rainer Weikusat

Martijn Lievaart said:
I find Perl is the wrong tool for the job. Use a javascript library for
such tasks.

Yet, JSF hash RichFaces (and presumably others) which enable developers
working with JSF to use 'AJAX-enabled' controls in the same way as they
were already using JSF templates before and 'integrated' with the
commonly-used infrastructure (this is, in turn, based on a couple of
'Javascript libraries' but that's not something a JSF-developer has to
worry about).

This doesn't trouble me very much because I don't mind using four or
five different programming languages in a single project and Javascript
seems to be among the nicer ones (I had to build something using
XMLHttpRequest for dynamic updates recently because that was the only
way of implementing the intended behaviour) but often, people are fairly
attached to a single programming language.

Xho Jingleheimerschmidt

As this is not really a Perl question I can only say it's off topic and
you should google on jquery-ui.

If the data is represented in a Perl data structure, how to get that
into the jquery-ui would seem to be Perl question. And how to get the
users actions out again and back into Perl would be as well.


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