couldn't run the web service client generated from wsdl in VS.NET



In VS.NET, when I add the web reference that points to a WSDL, and run
F5 to run the web service client, it always show the following message,
and I couldn't do anything. any ideas? The interesting thing is that
even I write the C# code first, and then generate the WSDL file, and it
is fine. However, when I create another project and use that generated
WSDL file for creating the client, it doesn't work again, but it is the
WSDL generated by VS.NET, why it keep showing the following messages.
any ideas? thanks

This web service is using as its default namespace.
Recommendation: Change the default namespace before the XML Web service
is made public.
Each XML Web service needs a unique namespace in order for client
applications to distinguish it from other services on the Web. is available for XML Web services that are under
development, but published XML Web services should use a more permanent

Your XML Web service should be identified by a namespace that you
control. For example, you can use your company's Internet domain name
as part of the namespace. Although many XML Web service namespaces look
like URLs, they need not point to actual resources on the Web. (XML Web
service namespaces are URIs.)

For XML Web services creating using ASP.NET, the default namespace can
be changed using the WebService attribute's Namespace property. The
WebService attribute is an attribute applied to the class that contains
the XML Web service methods. Below is a code example that sets the
namespace to "":


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