Crystal Reports XI Dev Edition and IIS 6.0 - Memory Leak?


Doug Odegaard

We are implementing a Crystal to PDF solution using framework 1.1 on a
Win2K3 server using application pools. Our Crystal version is the
developer edition and not the .NET bundled version. The actual
Crystal objects are in a Web Service in AppPool #1 and the user
application ASP.NET GUI is in its own AppPool#2. We have had the
Crystal engine work up to 4 report generations and then lock up. The
hope was to use the Worker Process recycling to kill the lock but it
appears to still be hanging externally. Is it possible to dig into
the IIS threads to free up ASPNET holding on to memory? w3wp is
running in separate pools as designed but the memory leak appears to
still hang onto things.

Any ideas? Has anyone successfully implemented a solution using
Crystal ReportObject export in ASP.NET for more than 4 hits? Would it
have anything to do with configuring the worker process to use a
particular security context, etc? I'm grasping and your help is
greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Doug Odegaard

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