Edit datagrid control question



Hello All
I have a gridview or detailsview grid (I am trying to do the same thing in
both) with Visual Studio 2005.
I use a datasource to connect to the grid/details view and another
datasource to populate a drop down list when the grid is in Edit mode. I
would like to keep the value already in the databaserecord and not overwrite
the record if the user doesnt make any change by using the dropdown box.

I hope this makes sense. Here is an example:

When I am editing the row of data and I have a current country selection of
"United States". When I enter the edit mode, the grid text box becomes a
dropdown box with a list of country's. If I don't manually change that drop
down box each time back to the "United States" then the database record is
updated with the default value (Aruba) showing in the drop down list.

It would be even better if I could change the value in the dropdown box to
show the current record selection when entering edit mode.

I have a couple of different drop down boxes so I need to come up with some
type of solution .

How do I keep that from happening?



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