Help with Github???

Jul 20, 2023
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I know this post doesn't really belong in this room but I hope you guys don't mind. This room is pretty dead anyway and I did also post it in general discussion but I don't know if it will get a response so... Please help if you can. Thanks!

I just made an account on Github because I really need a way to play with the code of a project, change it, add to it, and know that there will always be a good working version to go back to if I break something. And it would be nice to be able to test new bits of code for new features or just the next step of a project and kind of branch it off in whatever direction that's going with a given label (Next level, add animations, implement gui, and so on) all while keeping previous working versions. If I'm not mistaken, this is exactly what github "version control" is and allows you to do right? So ya like I said, I set up an account and I did start messing with it. I created two repositories but gosh I was not expecting it to be so hard to figure out. I see you can also do things with it in a command line interface. Pretty awesome but no idea where to start with that. But Ill probably hold off on that for a bit anyway and get the basic stuff down first.

So the main things that I'm a bit confused or unsure about is... Where do you start your repository? Do you start coding your project first and then create the repository? Should you create the repository in the IDE which I can do in Pycharm. Or in the Github app? Do you upload the files or clone it? Is cloning cloning from the repository to your local hard drive or from your hard drive to the repository? Do you keep the whole original project in the repository and should the repository be a copy of the project? What are the .vml files and other files that it creates? Is there a difference between Git and Github? Is Git the whole service which includes the command line interface and Github just refers to the repository aspect of it? So I'd be very grateful to anyone who can answer these questions for me and guide me in anyway. Tips, tricks, shortcuts, CLI, whatever. Thanks!
Dec 10, 2022
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I use github but, don't really understand how it works. I usually just upload the files of my project. I'll either tar or zip them as you can only upload to a certain size.
Aug 6, 2023
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First, you create a repository on GitHub. Then you clone it (you need to have git installed, it's straightforward). After you have cloned the repository using the git clone <URL here>, you can start modifying the directory you're working on. When you're finished making the changes, you use git add . to add all the files as changed, then you use git commit -m "your message here" to commit the changes you've made. Finally, use git push to apply the changes to the github repository. You'll be asked to authenticate yourself in GitHub before being able to do this. A new window in the browser will be opened.

There you go, you're finished making basic repository changes.

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