how to assign a ddbb value to a label using two tables

Jun 14, 2012
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Hi, I need your help on this issue:
I have two table connected using Join command.
When I assign a value to the label it works, but since I need to assign two values, and the Join only works when you compare one field for each table, the second values is like the first. Here is the example>

Table A has ID and name

Table B has level1 and level2

I want:

b.level1 = a.ID (ID on record 1)

b.level2 = a.ID (ID on record 2)

I wanto to display using a label command, but seems like label is able to get the first value since I am doing join on A where a.ID=b.level1

I do not know how to get b.level2=a.ID at the same time b.level1=a.ID

it is like:

a.ID = 1 = "John"

a.ID = 2 = "Maria"

b.level1 = 1

b.level2 = 2

using label with level1 and 2:

eval("level1") it shows 1

eval("level2") it shows 2

using label with name:

eval("name") it shows John

eval("name") it shows John (here I need to shows Maria instead)



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