How to design a colour pallete of uploaded .gif or jpeg images with selection option?



I'm developing a Garment Online shopping store. In which on the admin
side where they insert all the info of each product, i need to design a
color pallete giving the admin people the choice of choosing color icon
for each product. For example, a shirt might come in three different
colours or 4 colours or more.
The admin people are suppose to upload the .jpeg or .gif images of each
colour icons and store the paths on the database, so that they dont
upload the same colour once again. I have no idea how to design this ?
I need to display all the colours they have uploaded in a grid or some
ordered fashion and give them an option of selecting multiple colours
(such as in colour pallete). For this i confused what to use here an
checkboxlist and a repeater ?
How can i achieve this?
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated
Thanks for your time in advance

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