.htaccess and perl cgi



I am trying to create a generic interface that will manage various
..htaccess protected directories. In the ideal world, the .htaccess
would trigger a cgi script that would take login information and store
it to a file, or block access all together.

For example,
anytime someone logs in, the .htaccess file should direct the user
name and IP address to be stored in a log file through this cgi. A
cron could be scheduled to determine if the same user name accesses
the site frequently throughout the day from several IP addresses, thus
signifying abuse.

Now, I know I can put a cgi script in the protected directory and have
it be the default page for that directory, but I am looking for
something a bit more elegant. I would actually like the script to be
in the background and not have it matter what the index.htm file (or
whatever) is doing.

Ultimatley, this question may be more geared to Apache (searched there
also), but I am looking to the Perl community for guidance since
someone out there has surely decided they needed a robust way to log
..htaccess entries.

In my ideal dream world, the .htaccess file would be able to call a
cgi script. Is this possible? If so, how?


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