I cannot find a suitable guide on how to use jzy3d, can anyone help me?

Nov 23, 2019
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note please currently I can be accepted as random user of java with a very limited knwoledge of its.
I supposed that I could create some basic shapes (3d) or curves or graphs of functions (2d or 3d)but this almost never happened.
my ms dos terminal generally turns with many errors.
I also do not know how to use github.(I mentioned this because there are many webpages or guides that refer to this page (at least for the required packages)
will the knowledgeable responders recommend me python instead,though, even if I say that I would like to learn or get expertise in the future times in these particular issues:
*android application developments
(My one friend who has knowledge in the field recommended me python but I provided the information above as response in face to face communication)
Thanks in advance.
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Jan 24, 2024
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Jzy3d in Java:​

1. GitHub and Dependencies:​

If you are having trouble with GitHub and package dependencies, it's essential to first make sure you have the required dependencies installed. If Jzy3d requires external libraries, you should follow the installation instructions provided in its documentation or README file on GitHub.

2. Basic Shapes and Graphs:​

For creating basic shapes or graphs, it's crucial to understand the basics of the Jzy3d library and its API (Application Programming Interface). Usually, libraries come with documentation or examples. Check if there are any sample code or tutorials available that demonstrate the creation of basic shapes or graphs using Jzy3d.

3. Troubleshooting Errors:​

If you are encountering errors in your terminal, try to understand the error messages and search for solutions online. You can post specific error messages on forums like Stack Overflow to get assistance.

Python for Future Learning:​

1. Security:​

Python is widely used in the field of security, and there are many resources available for learning cybersecurity with Python. You can start by learning about cryptography, ethical hacking, and security-related libraries in Python.

2. Android Application Development:​

While Java is traditionally used for Android development, Python is also gaining popularity. You can use frameworks like Kivy or BeeWare to develop Android apps using Python. However, Java remains the primary language for Android development, so learning Java for Android might be more straightforward.


  1. Jzy3d in Java:
    • Go through the official documentation of Jzy3d and any provided examples.
    • Search for specific Jzy3d tutorials or guides.
    • Utilize forums like Stack Overflow for troubleshooting.
  2. Python for Future Learning:
    • Start with basic Python programming to build a strong foundation.
    • Explore Python for security by learning about cybersecurity and ethical hacking.
    • Consider learning Android development in Java for a more conventional approach.
  3. GitHub and Dependencies:
    • Familiarize yourself with basic Git commands for GitHub.
    • Follow installation instructions carefully, and make sure you have all necessary dependencies installed.
  4. Balancing Java and Python:
    • It's okay to explore Python for security and Android development while continuing with Java for other applications.
Remember, learning programming and development takes time and practice. Choose the language that aligns with your current needs and interests, and consider expanding your skills to multiple languages over time.

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