Janus GridEX Memory Leak


Daniel S


I have an asp.net page with a GridEX inside an UpdatePanel. Every 20
seconds, I need to re-submit a query to the database and refresh the
GridEX with the new results; however, each time this operation occurs,
the process for IE in the task manager gains, on average, about 40 k.
If I use Firefox, there's still a leak, but it's smaller and harder to
track (memory used fluctuates more dramatically, so it's impossible to
associate a given refresh with a particular change in memory use). I
left both browsers running the page for a couple minutes and Firefox's
memory usage had increased by less than 1/3rd the increase in IE.

If I remove the GridEX from the page, and all references to it, and
move all the other components (except the ScriptManager) on the page
(some calendar combos, an image button, labels, and hidden fields)
into the UpdatePanel and set an interval for postbacks, the memory
leak disappears, so I'm confident the GridEX is the problem.

Anyone have a solution?




bruce barker

javascript like any GC language can not release an objects memory until
all references are released. any control hosted in an update panel needs
to be coded to support an update panel. when an update panel replaces
its content, it will call the dispose of all controls in the panel (so
they can release resources) before it replaces them with all new ones
from the postback via innerHTML. most likely the grid is not properly
coded, unless you are attaching javascript to it that is holding references.

using an update panel this way is probably a poor design anyway. i'd
look at a client side solution that called a webservice on timer to get
the new/changed data.

-- bruce (sqlwork.com)

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