problem with firefox and IE7




Göran Andersson

anup said:
hi all,
i have made a website named, the problem is that wen eva i browse the site with firefox and IE7 the allignment is not proper.... pls help how to solve this problem.... u can view the website in the given browser and find the problem also.....

I can't browse to that page. Until you post a working address so that I
can look at the page, I can give you some basic pointers:

1. Make sure that you have a proper doctype on the page. If you don't,
it will be rendered in quirks mode, which gives you problem especially
in IE.

2. Make sure that the htlm and css validates. has a validator
that you can use. Open the Error Console in Firefox, it will tell you
any css errors when you browse to the page.

3. IE has several rendering bugs. If you have built your page to work
with IE, the layout will most likely rely on those rendering bugs to
look as you intended, and it will not look that way in any other browser.

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